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Schools in Tameside

Google Maps Application

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General notes

To be able to use this application, you will need a JavaScript enabled browser.

Much of the application uses Google Maps intuitive controls, more information on navigating through Google Maps can be found at Google Maps Help Link to External Website.

The school locations are approximate, and are best viewed using the 'Satellite' view, or 'Hybrid' view which is set by default. These views are best, as they do not change with zoom levels, whereas the width of roads changes depending on zoom level in the 'Map' view.

Showing School Locations

By default all of the school locations in the borough are shown, you can hide them all by click 'Hide All Schools', and to show them all click 'Show All Schools'. When the 'Show All Schools' button is clicked, the map will zoom out and Centre itself to show all the schools in the viewport.

To show school locations of specific type or area, select the menu for area or type, simply click the relevant 'Show Only <Type/Area> Schools' button, where <Type/Area> is the name of the area or category you wish to view schools locations in. These links are located next to each area or type heading.

To view a specific school, first select the category the school is in by clicking on the category's heading. This will show a drop down of all the schools in that category. You can then select one of the schools by clicking the relevant button. This will centre the map over the school and zoom in to a level that makes it easier to view the school.

Clicking a specific school button will also open an information window showing information about the school including the address and website.

Clicking on the heading of a category that has it's drop down open will close the drop down.

Each category drop down can also be opened and closed via the plus and minus signs on each category's heading.

Using Street View

You can view schools on a ground level view using Google Map's Street View function. To use this simply drop the orange man icon in the controls bar on the left (above the zoom controls) onto the street you'd like to view.

Once in Street View you can move around by clicking on the white arrows. To come out of Street View you can click the cross in the top right corner, which will return you to a birds eye view of the map.

Please note, the markers for schools will not be shown on the map in Street View, the Street View function is for reference only.

Help and further information

If you would like further information on the Google Maps Schools Application, please contact the web team using the information below.

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