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Care Home Financial Information - Respite Care

Financial Information for Respite/Temporary Residential or Nursing Care


This page is for people who are going into a care home (residential or nursing) for respite care or a temporary stay. It explains how much we charge and how you can get help towards the cost.

If you are going into a care home on a permanent basis, follow this link for more information.

Will I have to pay for my stay?

Yes. Everyone has to pay something towards their care. If you have been assessed by Adult Social Care as needing short term residential or nursing care, we have to carry out a financial assessment.

If you have already had a fairer charging assessment conducted (e.g. because you receive care at home normally or attend a day centre) that has taken place within the last financial year, your financial assessment will be based upon this information.

However, if you are not normally in receipt of services in the community, a visit will be arranged on behalf of Adults Finance Service, by a member of the Councils Visiting Team who will collect financial information concerning your income and capital and also advise you on any benefit entitlement that you may be able to apply for.

The visit will be arranged once notification of your placement has been submitted to the Adult Finance Service.

In circumstances where it has not been possible to arrange a visit you will be sent a financial information form HQ115 497.72 KB PDF File to complete and return. If this is not returned with 14 days you will be assessed to pay the full cost of your placement.

How much will I have to pay?

Your contribution will be based on a number of factors, including your age, income and capital.

Will I get help to pay for my stay?

If you have more than £23,250 in capital or savings you must pay the full cost of the care home for the duration of the stay. As the standard rates in private homes vary, you should contact Adults Finance Service 0161 342 3220. For full details of the full cost of a placement in a private home.

Please note that when we work out your costs for respite care or a temporary stay, the value of your home is not taken into consideration.

What is counted as income?

Income means regular payments that you receive and includes the Retirement Pension or other benefits, such as Income Support, Private or Occupational Pensions and any annuities or trust funds.

What is counted as capital?

Capital is your savings and property. Savings include bank or building society accounts, National Savings Certificates, bonds, PEPs, TESSAs, ISAs and shares. It could be in your sole name or jointly owned. Where capital is held in joint names, you should show your share only and clearly mark the financial assessment form (HQ115 497.72 KB PDF File) - you should advise the visiting officer of your share only.

Useful tip: HQ115 497.72 KB PDF File is the form you fill out, detailing your financial details. We can then work out your contribution to the cost of your stay.

This depends on what your income is and what other assets you have.

If you are already in receipt of Pension Credit then this will still be paid to you when you go into the home. You must use this to pay the bill that you will be sent from Adult Finance Service.

If you are not getting Income Support (Pension Credit) already and you have less than £16,000, you may be entitled to claim. You should complete a claim immediately on admission to the home. The Department of Works and Pensions can advise you of what you need to do (Tel: 0845 606 0265). You must return the completed form within 28 days and they will then tell you whether you qualify for help.

Remember - if you do not get extra help from the Department for Work and Pensions, you will still be expected to pay towards your stay.

When do I have to pay for my stay?

You will receive an invoice(s) from Adults Finance Service at the end of your stay.

What if I am a Self Funder and paying for my own care?

If you are paying for your own care, you are considered to be "Self funding". If you are a Self funder and not receiving any of our adult care services you are still entitled to help, information and advice about staying in your own home or moving into a care home.

Our Customer Care Officers will be pleased to advise you and can make home visits if necessary. We can provide information in a wide range of different formats and will provide an interpreter if necessary. Additionally, highly trained Welfare Rights Officers are available and can advise you about benefits, allowances and pension entitlements.

What if I have further questions?

If you have any questions about the cost of moving into a care home, please do not hesitate to contact Adult Finance Service. Someone will be happy to talk with you.
Telephone Number 0161 342 3220

Can I claim any other help?

If you need personal care at home, you may be entitled to Attendance Allowance Link to External Website or Disability Living Allowance Link to External Website worth up to £81.30 per week.
For more details contact the DLA/AA Helpline on Telephone Number 0845 712 3456.

Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments

If you would like to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment about our service please use the link provided.

Safeguarding Adults in Tameside

If you are being abused or suspect that somebody you know is being abused in any way. Please do not ignore it, you can report your concerns or worries by contacting the Safeguarding Adults Team.

You do not have to give your name and any information will be treated confidentially. We will always respect the wishes and feelings of the person at risk of abuse.

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