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Anti-Social Behaviour

Are You Suffering Because of Anti-Social Behaviour?

How to report Anti-Social Behaviour

  • If you own your home:
    Report the problem direct to the Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 0161 342 3539
  • If you rent your home from a private landlord, agency or housing association: You should also report the problem to your landlord. 
  • In cases of noise nuisance ring Tameside MBC 0161 342 3941
  • You can report non-emergency matters to the Police on 101.
  • In an immediate emergency always contact 999

What happens next?

When we receive a call about persistent and serious anti-social behaviour, our first stage is to talk the problem through with you - in the strictest confidence.

After we understand the problem fully we will discuss some of the actions that can be taken to solve the problem

Types of action include:

  • You may be asked to complete an Anti-Social Behaviour Incident Diary to record details of the anti-social behaviour and how it affects you.
  • We will work with other agencies to try and divert those committing anti-social behaviour into more positive activities.
  • We will consider taking enforcement action against those responsible for ASB and will also seek to offer support to all parties wherever possible.

About us

We realise that persistent harassment from a person or a group of people in your community can cause great distress.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team is here to help anyone who is suffering because of persistent and serious anti-social behaviour, for example:

  • Persistent verbal abuse or threats
  • Assault or physical violence
  • Racial or homophobic harassment
  • Damage to property
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Vandalism near your home
  • Youths causing annoyance

It is important that you also inform us if you feel you are being targeted because for any the following reasons:

  • Disability
  • Race or Ethnicity
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender Identity
  • Alternative Subculture (Lifestyle / Appearance etc)

Calling the Anti-Social Behaviour Team allows you to speak to someone confidentially about persistent anti-social behaviour.

However, in an immediate emergency always call 999.

Remember the four Ws

When reporting problems or incidents remember the 4 Ws and clearly state:

  • What you saw: try to remember exactly what you saw
  • Where you saw it: detail where the incident took place
  • When you saw it: make a note of the time and day
  • Who you saw: make a note of the name of the person(s) involved or try and remember as much as you can about the person(s) you have seen such as age, clothing etc

Anti-Social Incident Diaries:

An incident diary allows you to keep a record of everything that happens and how it affects you.

A court will only accept the incident diary if it is written in a certain way and so, to help you complete the diary correctly please make sure that you keep to these four simple rules:

  1. This diary is your personal record of what you see or hear - You cannot include something that other people have witnessed, however they can use the Witness Reports found at the back of the diary.
  2. You must fill in the dairy as soon as possible while the incident is still fresh in your mind. Do it on the same day if you can, if you leave it much longer a court may not accept it.
  3. Fill in one form for each separate incident. - Put your signature and date at the bottom of each form.
  4. Write down everything you see and hear in as much detail as possible. A general summary is not taken as seriously by the court as word-for-word evidence.

Download a copy of the incident diary 180.95 KB PDF File.

Please return your diary to the ASB Officer for your area:

Ashton - 0161 342 3199
Neighbourhood Services, Level 1,Tameside Council Offices, Warrington Street,
Ashton OL6 6DL

Stalybridge, Mossley and Dukinfield- 0161 342 5075
Neighbourhood Services, Stalybridge Civic Hall, Trinity Street,
Stalybridge SK15 2BN

Hyde, Mottram, Hattersley and Broadbottom - 0161 342 4224
Neighbourhood Services, Hattersley Hub, Stockport Road
Hattersley SK14 6AF

Denton, Audenshaw and Droylsden-0161 342 3539
Neighbourhood Services, Ryecroft Hall, Manchester Road
Audenshaw M34 5GJ

We will treat any information you give us confidentially.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a method of resolving conflict and repairing harm. RJ processes give the victims of crime and anti-social behaviour a voice and gives all involved an opportunity to agree a mutually convenient outcome. This spares victims from attending long and challenging court proceedings and aims to keep low level offenders and youths out of the criminal justice system.

Neighbourhood Resolution Panels (NRPs) are a form of RJ. More information can be found at http://www.justice.gov.uk/publications/policy/moj/2011/neighbourhood-resolution-panels

Useful Numbers

Greater Manchester Police Link to External Website
Emergency Telephone Number999
Non Emergency Telephone Number101 

New Charter Housing Trust Link to External Website
Telephone Number0161 331 2000 or 0800 027 0522

NRP Helpline
Telephone Number07879 602094

Tameside MBC Out of Hours
Emergency Telephone Number0161 342 2222
Noise Nuisance Telephone Number0161 342 3941

Tameside Citizens Advice Bureau Link to External Website
Telephone Number0161 330 2156

Victim Support and Witness Service 
Telephone Number0161 830 0943

Crimestoppers Link to External Website
Telephone Number 0800 555111

Page last updated: 12 February 2015