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Recovery of Unpaid Council Tax

Recovery of Unpaid Council Tax

Should you default on your Council Tax instalments and fail to adhere to any of the pre-court recovery documents issued, the Council will apply for a liability order. The cost of the application for a liability order is currently £75.00 and is added to your Council Tax account.

If the Magistrates’ grant a liability order, the Council can and do request employment details, it is an offence not to supply this information and further proceedings can be taken to obtain it, the cost of these proceedings are currently £45.00 plus the Magistrates can impose a fine of up to £1,000. Furthermore debts can be recovered by the following means:

  • Arrangement made by you with the office.

  • Attachment of Earnings with your employers, this could involve costs to you imposed by your employer for undertaking this responsibility. Attachment of Earning’s are calculated on a percentage of your net earnings after tax and national insurance. View table of the percentage rates used.

  • Attachment of Benefits, this is taken at source from your income support or job seekers allowance.

  • Enforcement Agents, Enforcement agents are instructed to visit your property and collect full payment, this method incurs charges which are added to your Council Tax account. If you require information on the Authority's enforcement agent policy, please Send us a Message.

  • If you no longer live in the Tameside area, your case will be passed to enforcement agents, costs differ from those of the Council.

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings, the Council now instigate bankruptcy proceedings where other methods of recovery fail. If you own your own house, or have business premises and your debts are over £5000.00 (this can be council tax, sundry debts, business rates, or an amalgamation of them all) proceedings can be taken to have you declared bankrupt. The official receiver may use any of your assets including your home to settle your debt. Costs are also incurred with this form of recovery and are borne by the debtor.

  • Committal proceedings , where bankruptcy is not an option and all other methods of recovery have failed the Council will summons you to appear before the Magistrates’ who may consider if a prison sentence is warranted. Should you not appear on summons the Council would apply for warrants for your arrests. Costs are as follows, summons £35.00, bail warrant and open-dated warrants are each £35.00, no bail warrants £35.00.

Page last updated: 2 March 2016