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Day Services

Learning Disability Service

Day Services

What can you do at Day Services?

You will be able to do all sorts of activities, which will help you improve your skills and gain confidence. These are some of the activities people can get involved with.

  • Working With Computers
  • Gardening
  • Play Sports
  • Visit Interesting Places
  • Shopping
  • Learn To Cook

You can choose what you would like to do. You may want support with working and going to college.

Where do Day Services take place?

It depends on what activity you are doing. Most take place in your local area.

Who will be there?

There will be someone there to support you with the activity that you are doing.

Who can use the service?

You may be able to use the service if you are:

  • Over eighteen
  • Live in Tameside
  • Have a learning disability

Not everyone will be able to make use of the service. We have to check if you will benefit from our support.

How can you get the service?

You need to contact the Adult Assessment and Customer Care Team. They will see if you would benefit from the service. They will try to answer all your questions.

They are open Monday to Wednesday 8.30am - 5pm
Thursday 8.30am - 4.30pm
Friday 8.30am - 4pm

How will you get to the activity?

If you cannot travel on your own staff will talk to you about it. 

How much does it cost?

There will be a charge for your day service. Don't worry - we will let you know how much it costs.

What if you are not happy with the help you get?

If you are unhappy with the help you get, you can speak up about it. There is a video available for you to borrow from service bases. This tells you how to make a complaint. It is free of charge.

Tameside Adult Services is committed to providing quality services. We need to hear from you if you have any complaints, suggestions or compliments about the service you receive.

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Page last updated: 24 September 2012