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District Assemblies

  1. To consider, review, and monitor all services and activities provided by the Council within the area of the District Assembly, the function to be reviewed by the Council as appropriate.
  2. To ensure that any services and facilities for which the District Assembly is responsible are managed in the manner which is consistent with the policies approved by the Council.
  3. To refer to the Executive Cabinet any matters of concern which are of a strategic, policy or resources nature.
  4. To expend the budget allocated for the District Assembly in accordance with any schemes or policies approved by the Council.
  5. To appoint or nominate representatives on outside bodies, where appropriate.
  6. The District Assemblies shall have Delegated Powers to deal with the following matters:-

    (a) Environment

    Highways matters - to identify and approve traffic calming schemes, to monitor road safety issues including school crossing patrols and education, to make orders within the area of the District Assembly relating to non strategic matters including powers to regulate parking places for bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles; excluding those which are related to a planning application.

    Street naming/signing - the power to name streets and erect street signs;

    Highway maintenance - the power to refer to the Council as to the maintenance of principal roads, to approve programmes for the maintenance of local roads, footpaths and street lights and the provision of street furniture;

    Definitive Footpaths and Maps - to make modifications to the Tameside MBC Definitive Footpaths and Maps.

    Grounds Maintenance - to be responsible for the oversight of grounds maintenance activities.

    Parks, Gardens and open space - to be responsible for the maintenance and management of parks, gardens and open space.

    Street Cleansing - to implement, monitor and review street cleansing activities, including mechanical sweeping routes, within the District Assembly area. Britain in Bloom- to determine arrangements for Britain in Bloom related activities.

    Gully Emptying - to monitor and report on gully emptying activities within the District Assembly area.

    Play Provision - to be responsible for the management of local play sites.

    War Memorials - to be responsible for the maintenance, repair, protection and adaptation of war memorials.

    (b) Services to Young People

    School Awards - to be responsible for the administration of funds for the provision of small grants to local schools.

    Young People - to be responsible for consultation and implementation of the provision of facilities and services for young people other than education and Social Services.

    (c) Community Safety

    To implement and monitor schemes and projects within the Council's Community Safety strategy which have been allocated to District Assemblies e.g. certain community safety initiatives, Business Watch Schemes and the Safe Child Campaign.

    (d) Local Liaison

    Ward Scheme - individual Ward Members to approve grants, from their ward budgets in respect of local community groups, subject to such action being reported for information purposes, to the appropriate District Assembly;

    Town twinning - to be responsible for the co-ordination and development of cultural links with the existing twinned towns, including the oversight of local arrangements for civic visits, and the determination of applications for financial assistance from voluntary Town Twinning Committees from within approved budgets.

    Complaints - to monitor and refer complaints regarding services in the local area, and the oversight of customer services functions in the area.

  7. The District Assemblies shall be Consulted in respect of the following matters:-

    (a) Environment

    • Conservation areas - to be consulted on the designation of conservation areas;
    • Environmental improvements - to be consulted on environmental improvement schemes;

    (b) Entertainment and Events

    • Entertainment and events - to be consulted on activities in the local area and the provision of entertainment and support of the arts;

    (c) Local Liaison

    • Regeneration initiatives - to be consulted with regard to regeneration initiatives as appropriate;
    • Markets - to be consulted on the operation, management, development and other markets issues.
Page last updated: 17 May 2013