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Strategies to Support 'Language Development & EAL i n the EYFS'

EY26209 Strategies to Support ‘Language Development & EAL in the EYFS’

This course is open to:

All practitioners who work with children from birth to 60 months in the PVI sector, Children’s Centres and Childminders in their own homes.

Course Description:

These sessions will offer practitioners the opportunity to further reflect upon the needs of bi-lingual children and increase confidence and expertise in this area. There will be opportunity for wide-ranging discussion and practical experiences.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to consider how to develop the messages from previous training:

  • To develop an understanding of how children make progress and develop in terms of bilingual/multilingual language development
  • To explore ways of reflecting diversity
  • To consider further strategies and explore resources that can be used to support the learning of children with English as an additional language
  • To consider ways of creating opportunities for language development
  • To develop an understanding of equitable and inclusive provision for children who may be at risk of underachieving

Pre Course Preparation:

Participants must have attended EAL & Diversity in the EYFS ‘Welcoming Children and Families’. You may find it useful if you have in mind a child that you are supporting or have supported that has English as an additional language.

Accreditation Details:

If you wish to use this training as supporting evidence for your NVQ please take this course outline, your learning log, all handouts and the signed certificate to discuss with your NVQ tutor.

Assessment Details:

Informal assessment through small group discussions, tasks and use of learning log

Date Time Venue Tutors
19th July 2010 9:15 – 3:30 Early Years Quality Development Centre, Manchester Road, Audenshaw M34 5GJ Area SENCOs & EMAT Team

To apply for a place on this course please use the training booking form .

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