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More Information About Fostering

Tameside is currently looking for Foster Carers who could look after children aged 0 to 18 years old

Right now, there are children in Tameside who are going through a difficult time in their lives and need stability, love and care. You can help by fostering a child. This page tells you a little more about what fostering is and how you can foster a child through Tameside Fostering Service.

  • An Overview of Fostering
    • What is fostering?
    • Why are foster carers needed?
    • Who can foster a child?
    • What support will you receive?
    • Are you interested in fostering?
    • Contact Details
  • A Guide to the Assessment Process
    • What is an Assessment?
    • How do you carry out the assessment?
    • Expectations of you
    • Expectations of us
  • A Guide to Long Term Fostering
    • What is long term Foster Care?
    • Why do children need long term care?
    • What is expected of a long term Foster Carer?
    • What role will the child's birth parents play?
    • What support will I receive?
    • How do I apply?
    • What happens next?
  • Introduction to Tameside Fostering Panel
    • What is the role of Tameside Fostering Panel?
    • When and where does the Panel meet?
    • Who sits on the Fostering Panel?
    • Before the Panel
    • Can You Attend the Panel?
    • What Happens at Panel?
    • After the Panel
    • Decision to Approve
    • Decision Not to Approve
    • Your Views
    • Complaints and Compliments

Please click the link below for a Child's Guide to Foster Care.
Child's Guide to Foster Care. 727.28 KB PDF File
Please click the link below for a Teenager's Guide to Foster Care.
Teenager's Guide to Foster Care.190.9 KB PDF File

Page last updated: 27 November 2015