Tameside Supported Housing Forum

Minutes of Meeting

Date: Thursday 20 December 2012

Venue: Committee Room 1, Tameside Council Offices


  • Hazel Clarke - Chair Adullam
  • Cath Cudworth - Creative Support
  • Diane Baxter - Threshold
  • Janine Wright - TMBC
  • Julie Doherty - Alternative Futures
  • Julie Readman - CMHT
  • Shirley Mealey - Alternative Futures
  • Sally Garner - Contour Homes
  • Sean Lawton - TMBC
  • Joanne Wells - THA
  • Jenni Edgar - THA
  • Niala Butt - Making Space
  • Ruth Turner - Your Housing
  • Janet Hardwick - Regenda
  • Ian Schofield - New Charter
  • Lisa Shepherd - Greystones
  • Andrea Boot - Greystones
  • Diane Barkley - TMBC
  • Richard Scarborough - TMBC
  • Susan Rogers - TMBC


  • Lorraine Gilmore - TWP
  • Cath Hollinrake - APH
  • Deborah Bithell - Turning Point
  • Sharon Lloyd - Anchor
  • Angela Jay - Creative Support
  • Sara Mihranian - Symphony Housing
  • Heather Cook - Nacro
  • Alvin McDermott - Nacro
  • Michelle Eccles - Accent
  • Gill Cook - Adullam


  • Louise Beckingham - TMBC

1. Introduction and Apologies

Hazel Clarke welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made. Apologies given as per the above list.

2. Notes of the last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting held on 6 September 2012 were agreed to be an accurate record.

3. Matters Arising

Housing benefit changes – exempt supported accommodation and benefit cap. A circular from the DWP on 6/12/12 explained that the benefit cap is being delayed and will now be phased in over the summer and fully implemented in September 2013 (except in 4 London boroughs).

Abolition of the Social Fund – Diane Barkley is leading on the local scheme as this has now come under her remit. The budget for the social fund has been set at £900,000 from 1/4/13. Diane, along with a working group has developed the eligibility criteria – over 16/Tameside resident/meet income thresholds. There is a web-based application process and there is a standard package available to successful applicants – Diane will be using an organisation based in Manchester to provide furniture and household items. Intention is to trial the application form with a small number of customers prior to the launch.

4.Tameside Training Consortium

Lynne Taylor from the TTC attended the meeting to discuss future needs of supporting people providers. Lynne said she is putting together the training calendar for the next 6 months and requested that all providers let her know if there are specific courses that they would like to have (additional to those that are mandatory or contractual) – there will need to be at least 12 people to put on the course. Lynne is running a “Training Through Drama” event – this is aimed at awareness level and will be held at Denton Festival Hall 1 - 4.30pm. You can contact Lynne on 342 3029.
Lynne brought some flyers for the event, TTC Terms of Reference and booking forms.

5. Strategy

  1. Short-term ABS Tender Update – Threshold were successful in winning the bids for Lot 1 and Lot 3. Foundation are the new provider for Lot 2. Richard gave an update on the implementation of these new contracts. Currently, TMBC are meeting regularly with new providers to ensure a smooth transition for 1 April 2013.
  2. Sheltered Provision – agreement from key decision, new contracts will be issued. Richard will be contacting providers in due course.
  3. Domestic Abuse Services – Francine Cooper co-ordinating tender. 2 stage restricted tender which closes 4 January. Shortlisting will take place week commencing 7 January. Invitation to tender closing date will be 15 March and the contract will be awarded 31 May to commence 1 October 2013.
  4. Tameside Housing Advice – Contract ends September next year, looking at procurement options. Not made a decision yet.

6. Update on Single Point of Access (SPOA)

Jenni Edgar and Jo Wells attended the meeting. Jenni now in post as team manager and Jo was recruited at the beginning of November. On track and business as usual until 31/3/13. Workshop will be held on 7 and 8 January.

7. Impact of Welfare Reform in Tameside

Diane discussed the report regarding the key changes, who will be affected and how this will impact on local Tameside residents.

8. Information Sharing


  • Lisa Shepherd shared with the group a good news story, regarding a particular service user who is now doing well residing at Greystones.
  • Greystones has been successful in winning the bid for grant funding for street drinkers.
  • Chief executive visited to see how successful the service is.
  • A local school has donated food parcels before Christmas.

Threshold have secured contracts for accommodation based services in Oldham.

9. Other Meetings

  1. Tameside Supportive Communities Board –The following agenda items were discussed: Welfare Reform, Social fund and impacts, food banks, update on Credit Union and fuel poverty.
  2. Regional Provider Forum – No feedback.
  3. GMOSH – No feedback.

10. Any other Business

Diane explained the new structure in the Council, Supporting People now comes under Community and Neighbourhoods, Adam Allen, Assistant Executive Director.

11. Date and time of next meeting

Thursday 21 March 2013, 10 am, Committee Room 1, Council Offices

12. Further dates for 2013:

20 June
19 September
19 December

Approved by Diane Barkley on 18 January 2013

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