Business Involvement

Picture of Ikea Roundabout, AshtonThe Tameside in Bloom  is supported by the activities and sponsorship of many businesses located within the borough.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big "Thank You" to all these forward-thinking companies who understand the importance and benefit of involvement and support in the local community.

Businesses can join the Tameside in Bloom Family Friends scheme.  The Tameside in Bloom Family consists of over 35 community groups, all working to improve their local environments.  You may wish to offer these groups a discount on your goods or services.  If you would like to work more directly with any of these groups, contact us, and we'll let you know which ones are active in your area.

Cheshire Hanging Baskets, Ashton
Cheshire Hanging Baskets located at 12 Whitelands, Ashton, is a member of the Tameside in Bloom Family Friends scheme.

Businesses can sponsor the flower beds throughout Tameside for £500 for the first year and £400 for each following year.  All the available locations are in view of major traffic routes.  A sign will be located in each bed stating that the display is sponsored by your company, featuring you company logo, in support of Tameside in Bloom.

Why not brighten up the area around your premises with some floral displays?  We can offer various options which will be planted by our own Tameside Nursery.

A wooden half barrel planter, painted to match the street furniture in your area.  Planted with summer bedding, delivered to your premises in June and removed in September.
(Sponsor to water)
Initial Cost:  £60
Price for replanting each summer:   £45 

A black recycled plastic planter, planted with summer bedding, delivered to your business premises in June and removed in September.
(Sponsor to water)
Initial Cost:  £195
Price for replanting each summer:  £45

Wicker hanging basket, 30cm diameter.  Planted with summer bedding and delivered to you in June.
(Sponsor to erect bracket and water)
£12 per basket

Three tier planter, black, 170cm high, 80cm diameter.  planted and delivered to your location.
(Sponsor to water)
Initial Cost: £480
Price for replanting each season:  £130

The Winter/Spring season runs from October to April

The Summer season runs from June to September.

These are some examples of businesses that use flowers and planting to brighten up their premises:

Cheshire Cheese public house, Hyde
Cheshire Cheese public house, Hyde
The Queens Arms, Audenshaw
The Queens Arms, Audenshaw

The Lamb Inn, Hyde

The Lamb Inn, Hyde

The March Hare, Ashton

The March Hare, Ashton

The Ash Tree Public House Ashton

The Ash Tree Public House, Ashton

Barwoods Bedrooms

Barwoods Bedrooms, Mottram

Mossley Home Improvement store Mossley

Mossley Home Improvement store, Mossley

Potters Corner Denton

Potters Corner, Denton

The Astley Arms Dukinfield

The Astley Arms, Dukinfield

J. Hambleton Ltd. Droylsden

J. Hambleton Ltd., Droylsden

The Broadoak Hotel Ashton

The Broadoak Hotel, Ashton

The Lowes Arms Denton

The Lowes Arms, Denton

The Tame Valley Dukinfield

The Tame Valley, Dukinfield

Lloyd and Jones Engineering Ltd Ashton

Lloyd and Jones Engineering Ltd, Ashton

Evans Halshaw Ford Ashton

Evans Halshaw Ford dealership, Ashton

Snipe Retail Park Ashton

The Snipe Retail Park, Ashton

Tesco Stalybridge Tesco, Stalybridge have improved the shrubberies at the front of their store.

The Rotary Club of Ashton-under-Lyne have sponsored a display outside Ashton Swimming Baths on Water Street. The display comprises of a representation of the Rotary Club logo and floral planting.

Asda / Wal-mart funded a handy-man to assist with bat and bird box making at Hollingworth School.

Daisy Nook Garden Centre, ASK Developments, Watkin Jones, MVS and Woodend Garden Centre have all sponsored prizes for the District Assembly Garden Competitions.

The Ashton Rotary ClubCompanies that sponsored the Tameside Champion of Champions garden competition in 2007 include:

  • Groundwork Tameside, based in Ashton
  • Service Team, Stalybridge
  • The Tameside Reporter, Stalybridge
  • Cheshire Services, Dukinfield
  • Eagle Landscapes, Mottram
  • Vale Contract Services Ltd,
  • GreenScape, Ashton
  • Children at Hollingworth Primary SchoolGoldgem International Ltd, Ashton
  • Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership, Hattersley
  • Mono Services Ltd, Droylsden
  • FSB Supplies Ltd, Ashton
  • Smiths Surfacing Ltd, Droylsden
  • Tameside in Bloom, Tameside MBC
  • The Stamford Group, Stalybridge
  • Regenda Landscapes
  • Williamson Lane RoundaboutRicta UK
  • The Casey Group Ltd
  • Laura Hartney - Florist
  • Paul Burrows - Photographer

Ladybrook Nursery in Bramhall donated the palm which forms the central feature of this roundabout on Williamson Lane, Droylsden.

The bakers at Sainsbury's in Ashton design and bake an In Bloom Loaf. Sainsbury's Tameside in Bloom Loaf 2006

B & Q have provided compost and planters for use in various projects throughout the borough.

For example, the planters in Stamford Park Conservatory were donated by B & Q.

Amenity Land Services, located in Shropshire, have provided fertiliser for use in the Grow to Grow scheme which involves Tameside schools.

Scottish Grass Machinery provided equipment to assist with the Grow to Grow scheme.

B&Q Delivery TruckJohn Smith Surfacing, of Greenside Lane Droylsden, have provided assistance in kind for various projects within Tameside, including the donation of a fountain worth £500 to the Iris Garden Club in Ashton.

Spencers Electricals donated their time and expertise to connect the fountain that John Smith Surfacing donated to the Iris Garden Club, and their suppliers, TN Robinson Ltd, donated the equipment to undertake this.

The Indian Ocean restaurant in Ashton sponsored a topiary elephant which is situated outside their restaurant on the Stalybridge entrance / exit to the Telephone Exchange roundabout.

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