Community Involvement

The Tameside in Bloom entry into the Britain in Bloom competition is supported by the activities of many of the borough's community groups.

If you would like to get involved with Tameside in Bloom, the first step is simply to keep your front garden or front of your house neat and tidy. You could enter the Tameside in Bloom garden competitions and receive a prize for your efforts! If you want to get involved in activities which have an even bigger impact, you could join the "Friends" group of your local park or enter your community in the North West in Bloom It's Your Neighbourhood Awards.

Tameside in Bloom Family networking meeting

The Tameside in Bloom Family

The Tameside in Bloom Family brings together the community groups that are active in using gardening to improve their residential areas or nearby green spaces, including the groups that enter North West in Bloom, Friends of Parks groups and Green Pennant groups. We arrange networking meetings to enable these groups to come together to share ideas and experiences.

The Park Cafe

Tameside Learning Disabilities Service, Hyde ParkThe Park Cafe based in Bayley Hall, Hyde Park, is managed and run by Tameside Learning Disabilities Service. It gives people with learning disabilities the opportunity to improve their chances of getting a job by working in a busy cafe and catering business. It uses organic, local, seasonal food wherever possible. The team are also assisting with the refurbishment of the Garden of Tranquillity in Hyde Park. Roses have been planted which require fresh soil to prevent disease. Rather then replace the soil in all the beds the team planted the roses in fresh soil held in cardboard boxes. These were then planted in the beds to enable the roses to make a good start in fresh soil as the cardboard breaks down.

Mottram Road Allotments, Stalybridge

Mottram Road allotments are an example of the commitment and community spirit found in all Tameside allotments. These particular allotments are also an example of the brilliant standards of horticulture present in Tameside, being home to several horticultural champions and judges of national horticultural competitions. The allotment holders have provided advice to the Iris Garden Club and have worked with several schools in the borough.

Picture of the Iris Garden ClubIris Garden Club, Ashton

The Iris Garden Club draws its members from the partially sighted and blind residents, and visiting users of Wilshaw House. The garden that has been designed and is maintained by the club is a feature of the judging tour. This garden is the perfect example of the wide appeal and accessibility of gardening as a pastime and also showcases its therapeutic effects.

Willow Wood Hospice, Ashton

Picture of Volunteers at Willow Wood HospiceA garden is located at the hospice for the benefit of the residents and visitors. Tameside MBC cut the grass free of charge and the rest of the maintenance is undertaken on a voluntary basis. Many of the plants and features of the garden are local business donations.

Central Estate, Dukinfield

New Charter Housing Trust offered to purchase flower troughs to be positioned on railings of the balconies on the estate, if the residents would agree to plant and Picture of Residents of Central Estate, Dukinfieldmaintain the troughs. The residents came together to form a committee and an event was held to plant the troughs. Children and teenagers on the estate undertook the job of ensuring all the troughs remained watered.

Oxford Park Youth Club, Ashton

The Youth Club based at Oxford Park in Ashton's West End area recently planted some wildflowers in a fenced area behind the sports centre. It is hoped that this area, left undisturbed, will attract birds, bees and butterflies, amongst other wildlife, providing an opportunity for the local children to learn about their natural environment.

Community Service

Offenders on probation undertake various duties across the Borough, for example in Stamford Park they have painted the Stamford Belle as well as fences and benches and have cleared footpaths around Stamford Park Lake.

St James Community Garden, Ashton

Whiteacre Primary School has donated a portion of the school grounds for the St James Community Garden. The Community Association, headed by Rev. J. Farnworth consulted with local residents and Councillors and drew up a list of suggested elements to be included in the garden. Ashton District Assembly have agreed to fund the installation of the infrastructure in the park, including drainage, tarmac pathways and raised flower beds. The Community group will then raise the funding for the plants and other items for the garden and will undertake the planting themselves.

Working together!

A particular success story involves the Mottram Road Allotment holders, Holden Clough School and the Iris Garden Club. The Iris Garden Club were introduced to the Mottram Road Allotment holders to obtain advice on plants suitable for a garden for the blind and partially-sighted. One allotment holder, John Newton a prize winning carnation grower, provided advice on highly scented plants and also gave the garden club some cuttings from his prize winning carnations. Holden Clough School were introduced to the Mottram Road Allotment holders to obtain advice on what to grow in their school allotment. Holden Clough School decided to build a sensory garden, and were introduced to the Iris Garden Club, who provided advice on the design and content of the garden. In return the school have offered to produce a tactile model of the Iris Garden Club garden so that the club members can feel how their garden looks, as some of the members have never seen the garden.

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