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Many schools support our entries into North West in Bloom and Britain in Bloom.

If you would like your school to be a part of these efforts to make the borough a cleaner, greener place, please contact Tameside in Bloom.

The In Bloom team send an e-newsletter to schools in the borough three times a year. This newsletter contains information on grant schemes and initiatives run by In Bloom, the council and other organisations such as the BBC. If you would like to receive this newsletter for your school, please send your email address to us.

In 2010 Tameside in Bloom initiated a competition for schools in Tameside.  Eighteen schools took part this year.  Each school was provided with a planter, compost and summer bedding plants.  The schools then had free reign to use any other materials, plants or decorations that they chose to make their display more imaginative.  Two of our horticultural experts from Tameside in Bloom, Malcolm Hartley (Nursery Manager) and Mark Porter (Operations Manager) judged the entries on Wednesday 14th July.  The three winning entries will be displayed on Ashton market ground for the North West in Bloom and Britain in Bloom judges to see.

The winners are:

Greswell Primary School, Denton, planter competition entry
1st Place:
  Greswell Primary School, Denton - £100 prize

St Peter's Primary School, Ashton, planter competition entry
2nd Place:
 St Peter's Primary School, Ashton - £75 prize

St Mary's Primary School, Droylsden, planter competition entry
3rd Place: 
St Mary's Primary School, Droylsden - £50 prize

You can enter your school into your local Tameside in Bloom garden competition. The school could win a prize which could fund other gardening projects. The competitions are launched at Easter time and the closing date is at the end of June. Entries can be made online when the competitions are “live”.

In 2010 several primary schools in Tameside received 100 geranium plugs, pots and compost from Tameside in Bloom.  Pupils planted the plugs and these were returned to Tameside Nursery to be cared for.  Once the plants had grown they were returned to the schools who were then able to either plant them in the school grounds or sell them to raise funds for their school gardening groups.

St Georges primary school in Mossley and St Marys primary school in Droylsden were two of the schools that took part in this scheme.

St Georges Primary School, Mossley
St Georges primary school, Mossley
St Marys Primary School, Droylsden
St Marys primary school, Droylsden

Twenty five communities from the borough entered the North West in Bloom Neighbourhood Awards in 2010 and all received honours, ranging from Improvement commendations to Outstanding Awards. If you would like to get involved with your local Neighbourhood entry, or would even like to start one of your own you can contact the In Bloom team for further details. We can let you know which groups are active in your area, or can provide advice on what it takes to build an entry. The basis of a Neighbourhood Award entry is that a group of residents work together to improve their area for the benefit of the wider community.

Broadbottom Primary School planted 5000 snowdrops at the entrance to the village as part of Broadbottom in Bloom.

Broadbottom Primary School

In 2009 eight schools took part in the BBC Tree O Clock event. This was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most trees planted in one hour and took place on Saturday 5th December 2009 between 11am and 12noon. Each school received ten native trees free from Tameside MBC to plant for the event.

Some schools were unable to take part in the record breaking attempt, but planted the trees anyway. 

The schools involved in this event were:

  • Buckton Vale Primary, Stalybridge
  • Hurst Knoll Primary, Ashton
  • Hollingworth Primary, Hollingworth
  • Fairfield Girls School, Droylsden
  • Ashton Parochial Primary School, Ashton
  • Corrie Primary School, Denton
  • St Stephen’s Primary School, Audenshaw
  • Bradley Green Primary School, Hyde
  • Samuel Laycock School, Stalybridge
  • Audenshaw High School
  • Moorside Primary, Droylsden
  • Holden Clough Primary Ashton
  • St Peter’s Primary, Ashton

Parochial Primary School, Ashton.

In 2009 schools from the borough competed in a competition across the North West called “Green Your Grounds”, run by Manchester Arndale and BTCV a green volunteering charity. The schools competed to produce the best design for a garden within their school grounds incorporating environmental themes such as recycling and attracting wildlife. More than 40 schools entered with 25 progressing to stage 2 of the competition. The three finalists included two schools from Tameside, Greswell Primary in Denton and Lyndhurst Primary in Dukinfield.  Each finalist received £2000 towards the costs of building the garden and the winning school received a further £3000 of funding to be spent with a team from BTCV to create the garden. Greswell Primary won the competition with a garden design that included a “thinking” stone, a wall of sweet peas and an outdoor classroom with a thatched roof.

Five schools in Ashton teamed up to create a community garden in an area of land donated by the Greater Manchester Fire Service during the construction of a new fire station. In 2008 the pupils planted 100 shrubs and mulched the area around them. In 2009 they continued the project by planting 90 young trees.

School children at Ashton Fire Station

The In Bloom team also assisted the “eco-warriors” of Lyndhurst Primary School, Dukinfield, in association with Groundwork and the Prince’s Trust, to plant a living version of their school logo within the school grounds.

Children at Lyndhurst Primary School, Dukinfield

Children from St Peter's Primary School helped to plant the newly created herbaceous border at Cheetham Park, Stalybridge.

Pupils from St Peter's Primary, Stalybridge at Cheetham Park

In 2008 Tameside in Bloom assisted schools including Holden Clough Primary (Ashton), Manor Green Primary (Denton), Bradley Green Primary (Hyde), Milton St John Primary (Mossley) and St Joseph’s Primary (Mossley) with a scheme to raise money for school gardening projects. Our team provided geranium plugs, compost and plant pots. The pupils planted the plugs into the plant pots and these were then taken back to Tameside Nursery to be nurtured until they were ready to be returned to the school where the pupils sold them to fund various projects. 

Holden Clough Primary, Ashton, Plant Sale 

Holden Clough Primary also planted hanging baskets to decorate the school buildings.

Holden Clough Primary, Ashton, planting hanging baskets

Bradley Green Primary carried out litter pick of the school grounds once the plugs had been planted.

Pupils from Bradley Green Primary, Hyde, litter picking

Milton St John Primary School also planted 5,000 snowdrops and 5,000 English bluebells in an area known as Cosgrove Gardens in Mossley and made bat and bird boxes with assistance from the Countryside Unit.

Pupils from Milton St John Primary, Mossley, planting snowdrops

Pupils from Milton St John, Mossley, making bird boxes

Denton West End Primary School planted 10,000 spring bulbs in the shrubberies at the Ash Road Entrance of Thornley Park in Denton.

Dane Bank Primary School planted trees in Granada Park in Denton.

Holden Clough Primary planted an orchard in their school grounds in Ashton.

West Hill School made notice boards for Stamford Park in Stalybridge.

In 2007 nine schools took part in a project to grow vegetables for the Tameside Food and Drink Festival. The schools were supplied with plastic containers by our Recycling Team. The soil, manure and seeds were provided by Ashton Park Garden Centre.

The schools involved were:

  • Holden Clough Primary, Ashton
  • St James’ Primary, Ashton
  • St Stephen’s Primary, Droylsden
  • Manor Green Primary, Denton
  • Flowery Fields Primary, Hyde
  • Dale Grove Primary, Ashton
  • St Paul’s Primary, Stalybridge
  • Cromwell High School, Dukinfield
  • Samuel Laycock School, Stalybridge

Pupils from St James Primary, Ashton

Hollingworth Primary School made bird feeders which were put up in Wedneshough Green in Hollingworth to complement the bird boxes they made the previous year.

Pupils from Hollingworth Primary making bird feeders

In 2006 fourteen schools took part in the Grow to Grow project. The scheme gave children an opportunity to grow vegetables on a small allotment or in containers, within their school grounds. The scheme helped pupils understand where vegetables come from, how they are grown, how they are fun to grow and most importantly, how vegetables can help them grow up strong and healthy.

The schools involved were:

  • St Stephens Primary, Droylsden
  • Fairfield Road Primary, Droylsden
  • Littlemoss High, Droylsden
  • St James Primary, Ashton
  • Dale Grove School, Ashton
  • Cannon Burrows, Ashton
  • West Hill School, Stalybridge
  • Copley School, Stalybridge
  • Longdendale Community College, Hollingworth
  • Hollingworth Primary, Hollingworth
  • Holy Trinity Primary, Hyde
  • Dowson Primary, Hyde
  • Oakfield Primary, Hyde
  • Pinfold Primary, Hattersley
  • Dane Bank Primary, Denton
  • Lyndhurst Primary, Dukinfield

 Picture of Children from Holden Clough Primary School

Hollingworth Primary School built bat and bird boxes, with assistance from the Countryside Unit, which were put up in Wedenshough Green in Hollingworth.

Pupils from Hollingworth Primary making bird boxes

West Hill School carried out a competition for pupils to design a bedding display to celebrate the football World Cup. The winning design was then planted outside the conservatory in Stamford Park, Stalybridge.

Pupil from West Hill School, Stalybridge and Cllr David Sweeton

In 2005 the Tameside in Bloom team assisted several schools to plant bulbs in the school grounds. If the school agreed to purchase one bag of bulbs, this was matched with another bag from the In Bloom team.

  Pupils from Moorside Primary, Droylsden Pupils from Canon Burrows Primary, Ashton

Holy Trinity Primary in Ashton, assisted by Tameside in Bloom, planted hanging baskets to sell to raise funds for their gardening projects.

Picture of Children from Holy Trinity Primary School