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How the Learning Disability Service Keeps in touch with you

Learning Disability Service

How the Service keeps in touch with you

 What is the Review and Monitoring Team?

The Review and Monitoring (RAM) Team is part of the Tameside Learning Disability Service.

We make sure that:

  • You will receive the services agreed as a result of your assessment. The assessment is the discussion we had with you and your Carers to look at your needs and decide what action should be taken.
  • You have a contact point for any other issues you may have.

When will we contact you?

The Review and Monitoring Team will be told you are receiving services. We will then arrange an initial review with you to make sure those services are being provided.

Who will you see?

You will be given a named RAM officer who will work with you and be your named contact You will be sent a letter beforehand informing you of your appointment time with a picture of your RAM officer so you know who to expect when they visit. We'll explain all about what happens at reviews. We will also make sure that you know all about the services you should be receiving.

What happens at a review?

We try to make the Review as informal as possible. We will invite yourself and important people in your life such as your parents, Carers and Key Worker to the Review. We will talk with you about the services you are receiving and whether these are meeting your needs. If you feel uncomfortable going to a Review, you don't have to attend. If you have a person centred plan you will have the opportunity to share this

How often are the Reviews?

Reviews usually take place at regular intervals depending on your circumstances

Where do Reviews take place?

The Review will take place where you feel most comfortable. Often it is at your house.

What if you have questions or problems?

If you have any questions about the Learning Disability Service or are worried about any aspect of the service, please don't hesitate to contact your RAM Officer.

What happens if your needs change?

Your RAM Officer will look at your circumstances at each review and, if necessary, make changes to your Care Plan. You don't have to wait until a Review to contact the RAM Team - you can contact them at any time to discuss changes in your circumstances. If your RAM officer is not available you can speak to one of the duty RAM officers.

How long will we monitor your case?

If you are happy with the Review process, we will continue to monitor your Care Plan while you are receiving services.

What does the service cost?

The RAM Team provide their services free. Some of the services identified as part of your Care Plan may involve a cost. We will let you know if there are any charges involved.

What else do we monitor?

We also monitor the people who provide you with services. We make sure that they are providing you with a service that meets your needs. We also monitor the quality of services and how the eligibility criteria is used.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Wednesday: 8.30am to 5.00pm
  • Thursday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • Friday: 8.30am to 4.00pm

Out of hours emergencies call Telephone Number 0161 342 2222

Complaints, suggestions and compliments

Tameside Adult Services is committed to providing quality services. We need to hear from you if you have any complaints, suggestions or compliments about the service you receive.

How can you contact the Review and Monitoring Team?

The Team is based at:

Contact Information
Send us a Message Send us a Message
Contact by Post

Review and Monitoring Team
Frederick House
Dunkirk Lane
SK14 4PW
Contact by Telephone
0161 342 5225
Contact by Fax
0161 342 5265
Contact by Minicom
0161 342 5266
Page last updated: 23 April 2013