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Learning Disability Partnership Board

Partnership Board Logo

What is the
Learning Disability Partnership Board?

The Government has a ‘white paper’ called Valuing People Now Link to External Website. The aim of the policy is to help adults with learning disabilities and their carers, think about:

  • Having more choice and control over their lives and services (Personalisation).
  • What people do in the days and evenings – including getting a paid job.
  • Leading healthy lives by eating well and keeping fit.
  • Making sure they are getting a good service from the NHS Link to External Website and other health services.
  • People having more choices about where they live.

Why was the Learning Disability Partnership Board set up?

The Learning Disability Partnership Board was set up to make sure that lots of different people, organisations and agencies work together to make sure change is happening for people with learning disabilities in Tameside.

How does the Partnership Board make this happen?

Who can be a member of the Partnership Board?

The members of the Partnership Board are made up of health and social care professionals, leisure services, local community and voluntary organisations together with people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Page last updated: 25 September 2014