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Magazines and Newspapers

Periodicals and Newspapers held in Tameside Libraries


Read full digital copies of magazines for free from your computer, smartphone or tablet. 39 magazines are currently available covering a wide range of interests. Titles include Ideal Home; Men's Health; Popular Science; National Geographic; Total Film; Gamesmaster and much more


Key to libraries

Cen = Tameside Libraries Information Service, Central Library, Ashton | Den =Denton | Dro = Droylsden | Duk = Dukinfield | Hat = Hattersley | Hyd = Hyde | Loc = Local Studies & Archives Unit | Mos = Mossley | Sta = Stalybridge

Periodicals held in Tameside Libraries

Newspapers are at at the bottom of the page

Name of Periodical Language/format Location Time periodical is held for
Amateur Gardening Cen 3 months
Amateur Photographer   Den Dro Hyd Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Ancient Monuments Society Transactions   Loc 1971 onwards
Archives   Loc 1976, 1978 onwards
Asian Leader   Cen 3 months
Autocar   Den Hyd Sta Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Beano   Cen Current Issue
Black and Asian Studies   Loc Sept.1992 onwards
Cheshire Life   Cen 3 months
Chetham Society   Loc 1844 onwards
Chitralekha Gujarati Cen 3 months
Choice (retired persons)   Cen 3 months
City Life (ceased publication 2005)   Loc backfiles available
Closer   Hyd Current Issue
Dro 3 months
Country Life   Cen 3 months
Country Walking   Cen 3 months
Economist   Hyd Current Issue
Cen Den 3 months
Family Tree Magazine   Loc Feb 1991 onwards
Flight International   Cen 3 months
Garavi Gujarati Gujarati Sta 3 months
Cen 3 months
Gujarat Samachar Gujarati Sta 3 months
Cen 3 months
Hi Fi News   Den Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire   Loc 1848 onwards
History Workshop Journal   Loc 1983 onwards
Home Cinema Choice   Sta Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Ideal Home   Cen 3 months
Investors Chronicle   Cen 3 months
Janomot Bangla Hyd Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Journal of the Railway and Canal Society   Loc 1967 onwards
Journal of Regional and Local Studies   Loc 1981 onwards
Khawateen Digest Urdu Cen 3 months (older copies are available for loan).
Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society   Loc 1883 onwards
Lancashire Parish Register Society   Loc 1898 onwards
Local Historian   Loc 1968, 1974 onwards
Local History News   Loc 1982 onwards
Local Population Studies   Loc 1968 onwards
Local Studies Librarian   Loc 1982 onwards
Match   Dro Hyd Current Issue
Men's Health   Cen 3 months
Model Engineer   Cen 3 months
Hyd Current Issue
Modern Railways   Cen 3 months
Money Facts   Cen 3 months
Motor Cycle News   Hyd Sta Current Issue
Cen 3 months
Nai Dunya Urdu Cen 3 months
New Scientist   Hyd Current Issue
Cen 3 months
New Statesman   Cen 3 months
North West Labour History Journal   Loc 1975 onwards
Now   Cen 3 months
Open History   Loc 1993-4, 1997
Oral History   Loc 1972 onwards
Parkers Car Price Guide   Cen 3 months
Peak and Pennine   Loc Backfiles available, ceased publication Sep 2004.
Potrika Bangla Hyd 3 months
Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire Regional Bulletin   Loc 1878 onwards
Simpsons Comic   Dro Duk Hat Mos Sta Current Issue
Spectator Cen 3 months
Stage and Television Today   Cen 3 months
Stardust   Cen 3 months
Stree Gujarati Cen 3 months
Total Film   Cen 3 months
Travel Which? (Formerly Holiday Which?)   Cen 3 years
Urban History   Loc 1993 onwards
Victorian Studies   Loc 1982 onwards
Which? Cen 3 years


The Manchester Weekly News (formerly known as Advertiser)   Den Duk Hyd Mos 1 month
Dro Hat Sta 3 months
Cen 1 year
Loc Indefinitely on microfilm
Daily Jang Urdu Cen 3 months
Daily Mail   Duk Hyd 1 week
Den 1 month
Cen Dro Sta 3 months
Daily Telegraph   Cen 3 months
Financial Times   Hyd 1 months
Cen 6 months (paper copy). Backfiles from 1990 to 2002 on CD-ROM.
Guardian   Hyd 1 week
Den 1 month
Sta 3 months
Cen 3 months (paper copy) backfiles on CD-ROM from 1990 to date
I   Dro  3 months
Duk (not Sat) 1 week
Manchester Evening News   Duk Hyd 1 week
Den 1 months
Cen Dro Hat Sta 6 months
Mirror   Duk Hyd Mos 1 week
Den 1 month
Cen Dro Hat Sta 3 months
Reporter   Den Duk Hyd Mos 1 month
Cen Dro Hat Sta 1 year
Loc Indefinitely (paper 1 year then microfilm)
Sunday Jang Urdu Cen 3 months
Times   Cen 3 months (paper copy)
Page last updated: 30 April 2016