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Exhibitions at Portland Basin Museum

Exhibitions at Portland Basin Museum

At Portland Basin Museum we run a fantastic changing programme of exhibitions - so there's always something new to see!

Current Exhibitions

Open All Hours

22 November 2013 - August 2014

DO you remember shopping in the days before out-of-town supermarkets? Do you recall walking up and down the high street visiting the butcher, the baker and the greengrocer? Or have you only heard about such things from your parents or grandparents?

A new exhibition at Portland Basin Museum, harks back to those times. “Open All Hours”, which is packed with items and photographs from the museum’s collection, explores the ways we used to shop and how our habits have changed over the years.

The objects include packaging, tills, wartime ration books, shopping bags and a very old shopping list. There are several objects relating to the decimal changeover which took place in February, 1971, including games, leaflets and playing cards which designed to make people familiar with the new coins which took over from half-crowns, shillings and ten-bob notes.

“Open All Hours” also features people’s memories of shopping, which have been collected by Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre.

Open all hours exhibition

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