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Exhibitions at Portland Basin Museum


Exhibitions at Portland Basin Museum

At Portland Basin Museum we run a fantastic changing programme of exhibitions - so there's always something new to see!

Current Exhibitions

Tameside's War

28 June 2014 - 22 March 2015

This exhibition looks at the way people were affected by the First World War. 

Pawnbroker's Window at Portland Basin MuseumThe exhibition, which is part of Tameside Cultural Services’ programme of events to mark the centenary of Britain’s entry into the conflict, features objects from the museum’s collection and stories uncovered from local newspapers.

There are rolls of honour, postcards sent home from the front, memorial plaques and souvenirs celebrating the end of the war in 1918. Ashton Grammar School’s wooden memorial is featured along with the stories of the men whose names appear on it

Objects have also been loaned by members of the public, including the Military Medal awarded to an Audenshaw man for saving the lives of eight comrades.

The museum’s popular 1920s street has been transported back a decade to become a 1914-18 street with new text panels and objects on display. Recruitment, rationing, fund-raising and the role of women in the war are all explained. There is also the poignant story of a Tameside family caught up in the sinking of the Lusitania and a soldier killed by shrapnel from a Zeppelin raid.

Tameside's War exhibitionAshton Grammar School war memorial Tameside's War exhibition

 Kumbu Kumbu
1 October – 3 November 2014

Throughout October, Portland Basin Museum is celebrating African culture in a series of events and displays. Visitors can see African artworks by internationally known artist Chief Dyke Okey Ikeme. Stunning African fashions and headwear are also dotted throughout the museum’s industrial gallery displays.

The museum has worked in partnership with Tameside African Refugee Association, who gained Heritage Lottery funding for the project titled Kumbu Kumbu, meaning memory. The events are part of Black History Month which runs every October with events across the country. Kumbu Kumbu aims to keep African traditions alive and showcase the colourfulness of African culture to people in Tameside. Find out more about the project at www.kumbukumbu.co.uk

There will also be two FREE event days - Saturday 18th October 1pm-3pm and Wednesday 29th October 11am-3pm - with a host of activities to captivate all ages. There will be an African masquerade, story telling of African folklore, myths and legends, drumming and other musical instruments, dancing, poetry recitals and singing. There will also be a live fashion show of African-inspired fashion and stalls selling African goods.

Image from Kumbu Kumbu exhibition Image from Kumbu Kumbu exhibition

Past exhibitions

If you missed any of our previous exhibitions, here is another chance to see them!

Page last updated: 9 October 2014