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Householder Planning Application Forms

Householder Planning Application Forms

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Important Notice:
To help us process your application more speedily, please supply a site plan and separate cheques for all planning and building control regulation submissions.

Notes for Applicants

These notes are provided to help you in the completion of the application. Please read them carefully. If you are uncertain about any questions or the need to apply for consent or permission, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this webpage.

Planning Applications

For house extensions, outbuildings and lockup garages on established sites.

Documents required:

Plans - three copies of each of these plans:

  • A Location Plan - This should be an up to date and accurate plan set at a scale of 1:1250, showing at least two names roads, any surrounding buildings and the direction of North. The properties shown should be numbered or named to ensure that the exact location of the application site is clear. The curtilage of the application site must be edged in red on the location plan and should include all land necessary to carry out the proposed development. A blue line must be drawn on the plan around any other land owned by the applicant, close to or adjoining the application site. Licenced maps can be obtained from: Stanford's Business Services (Suite 340), The Triangle Business Centre, Fennel Street, Exchange Square, Manchester, M4 3TR. Tel: 08708-903730 or from The National Map Centre Link to External Website.
  • An Elevation Plan - This should include existing and proposed elevations (at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100) that show the proposed works in relation to what is already there. All sides of the proposal must be shown and where possible should indicate, the proposed building materials and the style, finish of windows and doors. Blank elevations must be included, if only to show this in fact the case.
  • A Floor Plan - This should show existing and proposed floor plans (at a scale of 1:50 or 1:100) that show the existing and proposed layout of the building/extension.
  • Completed, signed and dated Ownership Certificate
  • Completed, signed and dated Agriculture Holdings Certificate
  • The Appropriate Fee

All Drawings and Plans should:

  1. Be produced in a clear and intelligible manner.
  2. Be accurately drawn, using a conventional metric scale such as 1:100 or 1:50. It is good practice to include relevant measured dimensions on plans/drawings.
  3. Have a title box stating: - the site address; the proposal; the title of the drawing (eg existing rear elevation); the date; the scale of the drawing and the drawing number.
  4. Be clear as to existing and proposed works.
  5. Be produced so they can clearly understood by third parties (such as neighbours) who may not be familiar with reading plans and drawings.
  6. Clearly identity any revisions to the drawings with "Revision" included in the title box and a new number given to the drawing (eg 3102Rev A; 3102RevB etc.).

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