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Assessment and Care Planning

Information on Adult Assessments (Adult Services)

You may need to contact Adult Services at some time for support. This page explains in more detail how we will look at your needs and plan what services you require to help you live more independently.

What is an Assessment?member of staff carrying out an assessment

We can arrange services to help you with daily living tasks and remain as independent as possible. When you contact us or someone refers you (for example, your GP), staff will carry out an assessment.

Staff will talk with you about what you are able to do and look at ways to help you overcome any difficulties. This assessment forms the basis of planning how your needs can be met.

The information you give is confidential and we will only share it with those people who need to know about your situation to help you. We will always ask your permission before sharing that information.

In a perfect world, we would be able to give everyone everything they need. In reality we have to decide who needs help most urgently. We have rules for deciding who receives services from us. These are called Eligibility Criteria.

The amount and kind of information we need to ask you for will depend on what your specific circumstances are. Sometimes, we can arrange services on the information which you give to our staff when you first contact us. Sometimes we need to arrange for someone to talk to you in more detail about your situation. This may involve a home visit.

Who is involved in the Assessment?

If a home visit is necessary, the person (the Assessor) who comes to talk to you will work for or on behalf of Adult Services. They will be specially trained to gather the information needed and to give you information and advice about the choices open to you.

They will carry identification including a photograph. They will always tell you their name and where to contact them.

If relatives or friends are helping to look after you, the Assessor will usually discuss the situation with them as well. This is only done with your agreement.

If a relative or friend is providing a lot of care for you, they have the right to ask for an assessment of their needs as a carer. We may need to help them so they can help you. This applies to children who are providing care, as well as adults.

If you are a child caring for a relative, please contact 0161 368 3192 for information on the Young Carers Project.

If you or the person that you are caring for has a learning disability you may have input from other professionals who do not work for Adult Services.  These people will work for the NHS Link to External Website or PCT and will be identified as part of your assessment.

You can have a friend or relative with you to give you support or help you put forward your views. If you wish, we can put you in touch with a voluntary organisation who can provide someone to help you in this way.

What happens after the Assessment?

You will receive your own copy of the assessment. We can also give a copy to your carer, if you give your permission.

If your carer has asked for a separate assessment of their needs, we will give them a copy of this. This is called a carer's assessment.

We will translate your assessment into your preferred language or format.

If we cannot arrange services, then we may refer you on to the most appropriate agencies. For example, this could be Age UK Link to External Website or Citizens Advice Bureau Link to External Website

If because of your assessment, we are going to arrange services, we will discuss this with you and then write down the arrangements in a Care Plan.

We will also ensure that we monitor and review your situation.

What happens if I disagree with the Assessment?

If you do not agree with the conclusions of the assessment, you can ask for the decisions to be reconsidered. Please ask your Assessor, or alternatively, please see our information on how to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment.

How do you contact Adult Services to see if you are eligible for Services?

Please contact the Adult Assessment and Customer Care Team for more details.

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