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Care Plans for People Receiving Services from Adult Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Care Plan?

If because of your Assessment, we are going to arrange services, we will discuss this with you and then write down the arrangements in a Care Plan.

Your Care Plan will describe:

  • Who is responsible for providing services
  • What they have agreed to do
  • When they will do it
  • Who is responsible for making sure things are going to plan
  • The names of key people and how to contact them

Services will not always be provided direct from Adult Services. Sometimes we arrange for private or voluntary agencies to provide services on our behalf.

We will give you a copy of your Care Plan in the language or format of your choice.

How will we check whether your Care Plan is still meeting your needs?Two men reading a file and smiling

Your Care Plan will be reviewed regularly.  However, if you feel your Care Plan is not working you may ask for a review.  We want to know whether:

  • You are happy with the services we have arranged and if not how we can improve the situation.
  • You are managing at home with the services provided.
  • Your circumstances have changed and you need a reassessment to look at different services.

As a result of a review, we may either increase or reduce services if there are any changes in your circumstances.

If you or the person you are caring for has a learning disability we may also recommend that you have input from other services such as community nurses, occupational therapists, behavioural therapist and physio therapists.  The NHS Link to External Website and PCT provide these services.

You will receive a copy of the review document.  If you are unhappy with the result of the review, you have the right to appeal.  Your Reviewing Officer will help you with the complaints form.

Will you have to pay?

Possibly. Charges for services are based on your ability to pay. Staff will carry out a Financial Assessment and you will be asked to provide details of your income and savings.

Even if you pay for your own care, or "self funding", you are still entitles to help, information and advice from us.

Charges will vary. There is no payment for those people on very low incomes and no savings. Those with a higher income and/or savings will have to pay up to a maximum amount.

For further information on payments, please have a look at:

More choice and control with Direct Payments

As an alternative to relying on other agencies to provide the care you are assessed as needing.  Direct Payments can be used to buy the care.  This gives people more choice and control over their lives.

You can employ one or more Personal Assistants to provide the care you need and receive the money to pay them as a Direct Payments.

Help and support with Direct Payments is available, please talk with your Assessor or Review Officer.

How do we Support People from Minority Ethnic Communities?

Language and cultural support is available for people from Tameside's black and minority ethnic communities who are going through the assessment and care planning process. A Bi-lingual Co-worker who can speak the language of the person being assessed will accompany any social care member of staff. 

The Bilingual Co-Worker can visit you with the Assessor to:

  • Provide language skills and cultural support to everyone involved.
  • Offer support from someone who understands your cultural background.
  • Help decide on the best way of providing help for you.
  • Clarify how Adult Services work.

Can you help us improve services?

Adult Services want to find out whether care plans are meeting your needs. We would appreciate it if you could complete a brief online questionnaire.

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Page last updated: 2 March 2015