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Reviewing Cases

Reviewing Cases in Adult Services

It is important to staff in Adult Services that service users are happy with the Member of staff going through a care packageservices they receive. We will ensure that services are the right ones for you by monitoring and reviewing your situation.

Once you have been assessed; a care plan written and services put in place, your Assessor will carry out a review to ensure your care is meeting your needs. If it is not your Assessor will modify your services. If you and your Assessor are happy with your care package then your case will be passed over to a Review Officer who specialises in monitoring and reviewing cases.

The Review Officer will review the services you receive at regular intervals. He/she will contact you to arrange an appointment to look at the services you are receiving as identified in your Care Plan.

If your situation changes in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Adult Services and we will arrange an earlier review.

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