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Children’s Social Care, Assessment and Family Support Unit

Assessment and Family Support

Information for parents and carers

What is an assessment?

Sometimes, when you or someone else on your behalf asks Children's Social Work for help with difficulties you may be having, which affects your child (or children) we will undertake an assessment to help us work out how we can best help you and your child/ren.

This will involve collecting information, talking this through with you, and agreeing with you what may be done to help solve your difficulties.

What will be expected of you?

We know that almost all parents and carers want to do the best for their children.

As part of our assessment, a Social Worker and sometimes a Support Worker will need to meet with you and will need to see your child. They will usually need to visit you at your home address. The Social Worker will need to speak to other professionals, such as Teachers, Health Visitors, Doctors or the Police as part of the assessment. We will usually seek your consent before contacting other agencies for information.

An assessment is an important part of working with you. It is important you work with us so we can get a full picture of family life for you and your child/ren.

Please ask your Social Worker to explain anything that is not clear to you.

What will happen next?

As part of the assessment, the social worker will meet with you and members of your family, including your baby and / or child. If your child is of an age where they can take part in the assessment, the social worker will work with them and give them a chance to have their say.

The assessment will take into account factors such as your ethnic and cultural background and any difficulties or disabilities you may have. For example, we provide help and information in different languages if needed. If you don't agree with what the social worker says in the assessment, or you feel you wish to add other information, you will be given a chance to write your comments on the assessment record.

You will get the chance to have your say and take full part in the assessment.

Assessments are carried out to:-

  • Gain an idea of the strengths you and your family have got.
  • Find out if you and your child (children) have got any problems or difficulties.
  • Work out the kind of help and support you may need and who could best provide that help.

Following an initial assessment, we will work with you to decide what your child or children need and how best we and other services can work together to help your family.

If services are required from Children's Social Work, we will hold a meeting with you  and the other professionals involved in supporting your family and where appropriate your child/ren, to develop a Child's Plan. This plan will set out clearly how we, and the other agencies can support you to help you ensure you meet your child's needs. We will be clear in this plan about what is expected of you as the parent.

Where Children's Social Work are to remain involved with your family, we will hold regular meetings with you and the other professionals with your child/ren. Where appropriate, we will encourage your child/ren to attend this meeting. The meetings will consider the Child's Plan to ensure it remains focussed to provide appropriate support to you and your child/ren. 

You will be given a copy of any assessment we complete regarding your child/ren and you will have a copy of the Child's Plan.

What a Support Worker?

You may be allocated a social worker or support worker from the Children's Social Work Team who will work directly with you or your child on a one to one basis and/or within a group setting.

Types of services:

  • Advice on parenting and practical help from babies to teenagers.
  • One to one sessions with children to help with things such as building self esteem, managing their anger etc.
  • Support for parents/carers with managing child or adolescent behaviour.

What can you expect from the Children's Social Work Team?

We will listen carefully to what you have to say and will offer advice and support to help you overcome any difficulties you may have.

We will always keep you informed of what we are doing.

We will keep a confidential record of any information you give us and will only share this with other people who are working with you from our Service (Services for Children and Young People). You have a right to see this information, please ask about this process. If we need to discuss this information with anyone else, we will usually first seek your permission by asking you to complete a consent form.

We will only share information without your permission if we believe that there may be a risk of harm or threat to the welfare of your child. If this happens, we will tell you and explain what your rights are.

Tell us what you think

Your comments (good or bad) help us improve the quality of our services, so please let us know what you think. We may ask you to complete a questionnaire about our services from time to time or we may telephone you.

Complaints, compliments and suggestions

If you are unhappy with the service, you should first speak to the social worker who has done the assessment, or their manager.  If you are still unhappy please see our information on how to make a complaint, suggestion or compliment or use our Online Complaints system.

How can you contact the Children's Social Work Teams?

Either you or someone on your behalf can contact:

Children's Social Work Teams, Denton Centre, Acre Street, Denton M34 2BW
Telephone Number 0161 342 4477 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Children's Customer Services

Looked After Children's Social Work Team, Victoria Street, Hyde SK14 4AA
Telephone Number 0161 367 7873 Send Electronic Message Send a Message to Children's Customer Services

Page last updated: 18 February 2013