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Speakers Panel Planning Schedule of Applications for 21 March 2012

Speakers Panel (Planning)

21 March 2012

Schedule of Applications for Planning Permission

To access more information on the Applications, please use the link from the Planning Application Number. (Agenda items are then highlighted as a 'Speakers Panel Item').

Application Number and Name Of Applicant Site Address and Proposal Recommendation
Mr Abid Azim
The Hooley Hill 125 - 127 Guide Lane Audenshaw Manchester
Ground floor extension to form disabled WC (as part of scheme to change the use of the pub to a restaurant)
Mr Carle Wilcox
Land And Buildings Bounded By Hanover Street And George Street Stamford Road Mossley Tameside
Additional 1 No Dormer on roof fronting George Street and alteration to ridge height above stairs of block 9 - 26 fronting Hanover Street. PART RETROSPECTIVE

The list of background papers relating to the reports on this item may be inspected at the Planning and Building Control Reception, Level 1, Council Offices, Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne.

For reports contact Mr I Chambers, Planning Development Manager on 0161 342 3108.

Key to Application Suffix Codes

  • Full Application - FUL
  • Outline Application - OUT
  • Reserved Matters - REM
  • Advertisement Consent - ADV
  • Conservation Area Consent - CON
  • Listed Building Consent - LBC
  • Local Authority - R3D/R4D
  • Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development - CAD
  • Crown Development Circular 18/84 - GOV

General Guidance

  • There is always a presumption in favour of proposed development complying with the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), unless material planning considerations indicate otherwise.
  • You must not prevent, inhibit or delay development, which could reasonably be permitted.
  • You should only refuse permission where this serves a sound and clear planning purpose.
  • Decisions must be based only on material planning considerations and not influenced by immaterial considerations (e.g. whether the Ward Councillors do or do not support it, or who the Applicant is) or direct or indirect personal interest.
  • Each application must be considered on its merits.
  • If Speakers Panel refuse permission the reasons for refusal must be complete, precise and relevant to the application.
  • Firm evidence must be available to substantiate the reasons for refusal, costs may be awarded against the Council.
  • If in doubt seek advice from the Borough Solicitor or the Head of Planning.
Page last updated: 13 March 2012