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In terms of sports development, the Council hosts a small but vibrant group of people, who, like many authorities, have established TOP programmes in schools, taken on the Active Sport and Communities initiatives and deliver a service through a constantly changing format of direct provision and facilitation. At present the lack of a Sports College is hampering developments with Active Schools but hopefully this situation will change in the near future.

When it was suggested that the sport development unit provide a service for local primary schools in which qualified sports coaches take games lessons, it appeared to be an exciting and worthwhile opportunity but initiated some concerns.  These concerns were heightened when the main aim of the service was stated to be the release of class teacher to work in other curriculum areas.

  • Would the headteachers and teacher be happy with this service?
  • Why not let the teachers stay in the lessons and learn from the coaches?
  • How could we ensure a quality and consistency of delivery which brought benefits to the education of young people?

Coaches in Schools Scheme


Tameside Sports Development work in partnership with local primary schools to deliver approximately one thousand PE lessons a year equating to over 3500 children having the opportunity to play sport each week. The scheme's main objective is to promote and provide sport within schools whilst releasing a Key Stage 2 class teacher to work in other curriculum areas for the benefit of a whole school improvement.

Curriculum Lessons - Key Stage 2

At the end of each school year all schools have the opportunity to participate in the scheme, currently 97% of the primary schools are actively involved. The schools can choose how many half terms they would like the sportscoach's in. On average most schools utilise the scheme for three out of the six half terms however over 30% of schools buy in coaches all year round. The schools have the choice of sports (athletics, basketball, cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, rugby, netball and tennis) that are delivered over six weeks and in line with National Curriculum 2000 guidelines.

Curriculum Lessons - Key Stage 1

Group photograph of children who have played hockeyOver the last year the coaches in schools scheme expanded into Key Stage One with an emphasis on developing generic motor skills that are fundamental to all sports. The scheme has received great feedback and within a year has doubled in demand with over 180 lessons scheduled from September.

Extra - Curricular Activities

To compliment the work done in curriculum time after school clubs are also organised which last 5 weeks. Within a school year Sports Development deliver 250 sports clubs that in total attracts 3500 boys and girls from all cultures and backgrounds to get engaged in sport. Not only do Sports Development provide the opportunity to gain further coaching, but all schools are provided with the opportunity to enter school tournaments in all the sports provided in term time. Within the last year Sports Development at a variety of venues hosted 21 separate tournaments. These tournaments attracted over 200 school teams from all over the borough.


In order to deliver such a comprehensive scheme a Sports Development Officer coordinates eight coach's who are employed full time. All coaches are qualified to at least a level two within a specific sport and have completed their First aid Certificate and Child Protection Workshop. With these qualifications and the continual inset courses and mentoring provided ensure that the coaches have the skills and expertise to deliver lessons within the National Curriculum 2000 guidelines.


In order for the scheme to continually improve and meet the demands of the schools Sports Development seek regular feedback. This is done via regular communication particularly at PE Association meetings where all issues surrounding primary school sports are discussed. The second method of evaluation is done via evaluation forms that have to be completed by the school at the end of every half term. Schools currently state that the satisfaction rating of this service is 88% excellent and 12% good at Key Stage 2 and 90% excellent and 10% satisfactory at Key Stage 1.

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