A to Z of Services

A Vision for Tameside

A Vision for Tameside

The Council as a representative body, exists to maximise the well-being of the people of the Borough.

In pursuing this aim it will:

  • establish open systems of listening and communication
  • develop innovative ways of involving the community
  • be flexible and adaptive to the changing needs of the Borough
  • work in a co-operative and co-ordinated way continually to improve the quality of its delivered services
  • provide equality of access to those services

It will, thereby, develop public confidence in local democracy and in the Council itself.

It will strive for a just society which gives everyone equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination and prejudice.

It believes that the following interconnected objectives are fundamental to the well being of the people.


Investment in learning and personal development is essential if people are to lead satisfying and prosperous lives.

The Council believes that education should be a lively and enjoyable experience for all ages involving parents where appropriate. It should be adequately resourced to provide for the highest level of attainment in order to help achieve individual job aspirations and to provide people with the motivation and opportunities for life-long learning.

The Local Economy

A healthy local economy is a key element in the elimination of social deprivation and disadvantage.

The Council will work in partnership with others to create the conditions to maximise employment based on better paid, more meaningful and more secure jobs.


The delivery of an effective transport system is essential for economic growth, protection of the environment and equality of access to work, leisure and other services.

The Council will work to develop a properly balanced and integrated transportation system to cater for the needs of the whole community.

The Environment

A healthy and sustainable environment is fundamental to the well-being of the Borough both now and for the long term future.

The Council will listen to the environmental concerns of the community and will work to improve and protect the environment. It will improve the appearance and cleanliness of the Borough for the benefit of the local people, visitors and potential investors.

Health and Social Care

Good health, not simply the absence of disease, but physical, social and mental well-being is a right for all.

The Council will work in partnership with others to improve the overall physical, social and mental health and social care of the Borough's citizens by promoting initiatives and prioritising services in order that inequalities in the health of people can be removed.


Good quality housing is a basic requirement for the well-being of all the Borough's citizens.

The Council will work in partnership with others to ensure that everyone in Tameside has pleasant, safe, secure, well maintained, affordable and healthy accommodation which meets their needs.


People have a right to be and to feel safe.

The Council will work to create an environment in which the people of Tameside will be free of the fear of crime and will be more secure from crime both at home and in public places.


Opportunities for leisure, relaxation and cultural development are important to quality of life.

The Council will work in partnership with others to provide a dynamic leisure and cultural environment which reflects the needs of residents, is attractive to visitors and is equally accessible to all.