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Transport Services

Transport Services

Image of a Dustbin WaggonWithin Tameside the Transport Service performs a central role in assisting in the service delivery of most of the functions provided by the council such as:

Image of the Patroller CarsThe Service consists of four main functions:

Fleet Supply

The provision, of approximately 650 items of vehicles, plant and equipment. Of these there are approximately 260 vehicles in long term use by the council to deliver many of its services.

Image of a Road SweeperIn addition there are many short term hires to cater for peaks in workload and for ad-hoc requirements.

Fleet Maintenance

A multi-disciplined workforce is situated in the recently refurbished workshop. The garage operates a 2-shift system providing cover between 6:30am and 10:15pm, cover is also provided at weekends and during holiday periods to provide 24 hour support for vital services.

Image of the WorkshopAll items of council fleet are maintained here and also on site. Work is also carried out for a number of external organisations and suppliers via ‘maintenance agreements’.

The workshop also has MOT testing facilities for class 1V, V and V11 vehicles. Members of the public can also benefit from reduced price MOT’s by arranging their MOT through our facilities.

The current charges for services available to the public are:

  • £40 - MOT
  • £40 (including VAT at 15%) - Vehicle Valuations

Image of a Lorry being worked onPayment can be made by cash, cheque with a valid cheque guarantee card or by debit/credit card.

To book an appointment ring the workshop on 0161 342 2724 or Send a Message to Transport Services.

All Taxi Testing is also carried out on behalf of the Council's Licensing Service.

Fleet Management

Image of a Dustbin Waggon at the Petrol PumpEnsuring compliance with the obligations associated with the Council’s Operating Licence, national transport legislation and council policy. The unit is also responsible for fuel utilisation, accident reporting and vehicle performance statistics.

Community Transport

Tameside MBC has an in house Community Transport provision which operates a modern fleet of 16 seat and 24 seat welfare coaches. These all have facilities, to carry wheelchair dependant passengers and passengers who have limited mobility as well as those who are able bodied. All vehicles have a high specification, independent saloon heaters and in most vehicles, air conditioning.

For more information, see the Community Transport Service page.

Image of a MinibusDVD Logo You can view a short DVD of the services provided by Transport Services.

If you do not have Realplayer, please visit www.real.com Link to External Website (for free Realplayer download).

For further information please contact:

Contact Information
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Transport Services
Tame Street Depot
Tame Street
SK15 1ST
Contact by Telephone
Transport Manager: 0161 342 2758
Business/Systems: 0161 342 2738
Workshop: 0161 342 2724
Community Transport: 0161 342 2717
Contact by Fax
0161 342 2564

Page last updated: 15 July 2013