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Phil Cowper, Tameside MBC

Today and tomorrow is all about stimulating local procurement. The Tameside Business Family, the Tameside Works First have gone out and looked at all the buying organisations within Tameside including the Local Authority and actually asked them what they currently buy on a non-contract spend and what contracts are coming up for renewal within the next twelve to eighteen months. We’ve then gone out and advertised that and got local, small businesses in Tameside to say hey we make that, we provide that, can we come and talk to you, can we have the opportunity to sell you our goods and services. So, lots of ten minute appointments, I think up to nearly five hundred over the two days so we’ve got to keep everybody on track but hopefully this will be the start of looking at procurement, how we can help the small businesses so this is just another step on the road to looking at future resilience.

Jane Broddle, Brother UK

We’re actually here today because we want to show people how to print smarter. We’re going to show you how you can save money, how you can save toner, how you can save the environment by recycling your cartridges and also how you can get the best out of your machine through productivity.

Phil White, Brother UK

We’re going to run a series of presentations throughout the day like small workshops just sort of to showcase the different features on our products that allow you to be more, well be a greener business, increase productivity and print more securely, things like that.

Councillor Kieran Quinn, Executive Leader of the Council

Whether it’s a national company or whether it’s a local company, they’re here today talking to local businesses to try and keep the economy moving in Tameside. Lots of research is being done at the moment as to the effects of the recession but for me in Tameside the big difference I see and clearly I take part in some of the discussions in Greater Manchester is that we’re not going to sit idly by. We’re going to engage with, whether it’s with our residents who live in the area, or with the businesses who obviously provide jobs in the area, it doesn’t matter we will have those conversations we won’t sit by and just let them fall by the wayside. That’s not the job of Tameside Council as far as I can see it and that’s again what today is about; making sure that every opportunity is put forward so that people don’t just lose their livelihood that we actually do something and I think that is what the difference in Tameside is.

Norman Cox, The Network Company

I think they’re a magnificent and marvellous idea. I’m a long term fan of Tameside Council in the work that they do with business and I’ve been pleased and happy and quite proud to be involved with them over quite a number of years so at this sort of event I’m a bit of an outsider but that gives me an impartial view on it and I’m here today to observe and help them celebrate some of the successes that they get out of it. If you can work together to network and to collaborate then there’s a greater chance of survival so I think the economic climate has brought a degree of focus and concern and maybe more good would come out of it than otherwise.

Phil Cowper, Tameside MBC

We’re keeping people on track, we’re multi-tasking as people are dropping out, ringing up saying you know I can’t make it on time, we’re fitting other people in who were a bit concerned that they hadn't got an appointment so yeah we’re keeping people on track so yeah no it’s really good. Good feedback from people who have actually had a ten minute interview with the buyers and this is something you know it’s very timely and it’s the first step on our journey to help build economic resilience in Tameside.

Councillor John Taylor, Deputy Executive Leader, Tameside Council

It’s what I would call very innovative and that’s typical of Tameside Council for us to do something like this. Looking at some of the appointments clearly people want to be here and when we’ve done this we’ve got to think of something else. This will work them up and we do it again but then we’ve got to be thinking how do we do it better.

Phil Brown, Benchmark Building Supplies

We always try and support Tameside business events. We’re a company based in Tameside, got two depots in Tameside. We’re here to show our new product range which is the Benchmark Green which is the eco-friendly products and we’re trying to sell it to the construction industry so the main reason we’re here is to have a face within Tameside and for the contractors that are here today.

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