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Youth Offending Team - Reparation Order

The Reparation Order

Tameside Youth Offending Team

What is the Reparation Order?

A Reparation order will make you think about the harm you have caused to another person or to the community, and will give you a chance to put things right. The victim of your offence will be offered the opportunity to say how they thing you should make amends.

What might I have to do?

  • Repair the harm you have caused
  • Write a letter of apology
  • Apologise to the victim in person.
  • Do some work within the community
  • Attend sessions at the YOT about crime and consequences

What is expected of me?

  • You are expected to keep all appointments
  • Carry out any work that the court has ordered you to do.
  • Keep to any extra conditions agreed
  • Behave in an acceptable and safe manner and be respectful.

What if I do not co-operate?

  • The court may impose an attendance centre order
  • A curfew order
  • Re-sentence you for the original offence
  • Fine you.
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