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Tameside Council's Commitment

The 10:10 Logo

The Tameside Council Energy Unit standing with the 10:10 logoWhat is 10:10?

Becoming a 10:10 organisation means making a commitment to try and reduce the Council’s carbon footprint by 10% in just one year. 

As a leader in the community Tameside Council will strive to encourage residents, local businesses, schools and partner organisations to participate in reducing the borough’s carbon emissions by 10%.

Why Bother?

Cutting 10% in one year is a bold target, but for most of us it’s an achievable one, and is in line with what scientists say we need over the next 18 months. By signing up to a 10% target we’re not just supporting 10:10 – we’re making it happen. In our homes, in our workplaces, our schools and our hospitals, our museums and football clubs, we’ll be backing each other up as we take the first steps on the road to becoming a zero-carbon society. It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of a huge problem, but by uniting everyone behind immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables all of us to make a meaningful difference.

10:10 is the perfect opportunity to discover what’s possible when we work together. Let’s get started.

What can Individuals do?

For most people cutting 10% of emissions is easy, and usually means saving money on bills in the process. We would like as many Tameside residents as possible to sign up to the challenge.

What can Businesses do?

Joining 10:10 makes your business part of the solution to climate change. Help by urging your staff and customers to join 10:10, and making the most ambitious emissions cuts you can. For more information see the 10:10 website business section Link to External Website.

What can Schools and Colleges do?

Joining 10:10 makes your school or college part of the solution to climate change. We would like as many of our schools and colleges as possible to sign up.

What can Organisations do?

10:10 is a mass movement that is signing up people and organisations from every corner of British life. From councils and hospitals to faith groups and scout troops, organisations across the country are deciding to get on board at the start of the journey to a low-carbon society. For more information see the 10:10 website organisation section Link to External Website.

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