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Are You An Employer Interested in Apprenticeships?

The good news is that Apprenticeship programmes are now available to new and existing employed people aged 16-24 years who work for a minimum of 16 hours per week (ideally 30-37 hours).

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships have significant benefits for both employers and young people. As an employer you can expect to benefit from efficiencies in staff training costs, improved productivity and more highly motivated staff. Young people who have finished an apprenticeship can expect to have better pay and prospects as a result.

Which sectors do apprenticeship programmes cover?

Apprenticeship training programmes are available in all sectors and industries. They range from Electrical Engineering, Payroll and Finance, IT, to Hospitality and Catering and Leadership and management. You can select from 200 different types of apprenticeship programme. See below for a list of approved Apprenticeship Frameworks.

What is an apprenticeship programme?

An apprenticeship is on the job training offering the added benefit of gaining qualifications. Someone completing an apprenticeship can expect to have an NVQ, a technical certificate and key skills qualifications. Most training takes place at the employer’s premises, but some aspects of the training will be delivered by a college or training provider.

There are 3 main categories of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate Level (Level 2) - equivalent to 5 good GCSEs
  • Advanced Level (Level 3) - equivalent to 2 ‘A’ levels
  • Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4) - equivalent to a degree

Delivery is flexible and can be arranged to meet your needs as an employer.

What is a training provider?

There are over 130 organisations approved to deliver apprenticeship training across the North West. Each training provider can deliver a variety of apprenticeships at level 2 and level 3. You can choose the provider that best suits your needs.

What would you have to do?

You would provide your apprentice with an induction and on the job training. For younger apprentices you may also need to offer a mentoring role. Your training provider will provide an employer representative who can support and guide you.

What are the charges for training?

The National Apprenticeship Service covers the cost of training an apprentice, depending on their age. The government provides funding to cover the cost of the mandatory training required to complete the apprenticeship framework for those aged 16-18. Employers are expected to make a small contribution towards the training of adults aged 19+.

How much is an apprentice paid?

Like all employees, apprentices will need to receive a wage. The National Minimum Wage for an apprentice aged 16-18 is £2.50 per hour. However, it is recommended that employers pay apprentices a competitive wage, the average wage is £170 per week for an apprentice.

What does the National Apprenticeship Service do?

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) supports, funds and co-ordinates the delivery of Apprenticeships training throughout England. It can support you through the process of recruiting and training a candidate. It can signpost the candidate to training providers and advise you on the apprenticeship frameworks available. The National Apprenticeship Service also manages Apprenticeships vacancies through a free on-line recruitment tool, which matches apprentices with prospective employers.

Approved Apprenticeship Frameworks

Below is a list of Apprenticeship Frameworks approved at September 2011:


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Agriculture   Tick]  
Animal Care Tick] Tick]  
Environmental Conservation Tick] Tick]  
Equine Tick] Tick]  
Farriery   Tick]  
Fencing Tick]    
Floristry Tick] Tick]  
Game and Wildlife Management Tick] Tick]  
Horticulture Tick] Tick]  
Land Based Engineering Tick] Tick]  
Trees and Timber Tick] Tick]  
Veterinary Nursing   Tick]  


Arts, Media and Publishing


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Community Arts Tick] Tick]  
Costume and Wardrobe Tick] Tick]  
Creative and Digital Media   Tick]  
Cultural and Heritage Venue Operations Tick] Tick]  
Design Tick] Tick]  
Live Events and Promotion Tick] Tick]  
Music Business Tick] Tick]  
Photo Imaging   Tick]  
Technical Theatre Tick] Tick]  


Business, Administration and Law


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Accounting Tick] Tick] Tick]
Bookkeeping Tick] Tick]  
Business and Administration Tick] Tick] Tick]
Contact Centre Operations Tick] Tick] Tick]
Customer Service Tick] Tick]  
Management Tick] Tick] Tick]
Marketing Tick] Tick]  
Payroll Tick] Tick]  
Providing Financial Advice     Tick]
Providing Financial Services Tick] Tick]  
Providing Mortgage Advice   Tick]  
Sales and Telesales Tick] Tick]  


Construction, Planning and the Built Environment


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Construction Building Tick] Tick]  
Construction Civil Engineering Tick] Tick]  
Construction Specialist Tick] Tick]  
Construction Technical Supervision & Management   Tick]  


Education and Training


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Tick] Tick]  


Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Engineering Construction   Tick]  
Aviation Operations on the Ground Tick] Tick]  
Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance Tick] Tick]  
Ceramics Manufacturing Tick]    
Domestic Heating Tick] Tick]  
Driving Goods Vehicles Tick] Tick]  
Electrotechnical   Tick]  
Engineering Construction Tick]    
Glass Industry Tick] Tick]  
Heating and Ventilation Tick] Tick]  
Improving Operational Performance Tick]    
Laboratory and Science Technicians Tick] Tick]  
Nuclear Working Tick]    
Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving Tick]    
Plumbing and Heating Tick] Tick]  
Polymer Processing Operations Tick] Tick]  
Process Manufacturing Tick] Tick]  
Production of Coatings Tick] Tick]  
Rail Engineering (Track) Tick]    
Rail Services Tick]    
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Tick] Tick]  
Signmaking Tick] Tick]  
Sustainable Resource Management Tick] Tick]  
The Gas Industry Tick] Tick]  
The Power Industry Tick] Tick]  
Vehicle Body and Paint Tick] Tick]  
Vehicle Fitting Tick] Tick]  
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Tick] Tick]  
Vehicle Parts Tick] Tick]  


Health, Public Services and Care


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Children and Young People's Workforce Tick] Tick]  
Courts, Tribunal and Prosecution Administration Tick]    
Custodial Care   Tick]  
Emergency Fire Service Operations   Tick]  
Health - Allied Health Profession Support   Tick]  
Health - Blood Donor Support   Tick]  
Health - Clinical Healthcare Tick] Tick]  
Health - Dental Nursing   Tick]  
Health - Emergency Care Tick]    
Health - Healthcare Support Services Tick] Tick]  
Health - Maternity and Paediatric Support   Tick]  
Health - Optical Retail Tick] Tick]  
Health - Pathology Support   Tick]  
Health - Perioperative Support   Tick]  
Health - Pharmacy Services Tick] Tick]  
Health and Social Care Tick] Tick]  
Housing Tick] Tick]  
Libraries Records and IM Services Tick] Tick]  
Policing   Tick]  
Providing Security Services Tick]    
Security Systems Tick] Tick]  
Youth Work Tick] Tick]  


Information and Communication Technology


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
IT Users Tick] Tick]  
IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals Tick] Tick]  
IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals     Tick]


Leisure, Travel and Tourism


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Activity Leadership Tick]    
Advanced Fitness   Tick]  
Advanced Playwork   Tick]  
Advanced Spectator Safety   Tick]  
Cabin Crew Tick]    
Instructing Exercise and Fitness Tick]    
Leisure Management   Tick]  
Leisure Operations Tick]    
Outdoor Programmes   Tick]  
Playwork Tick]    
Spectator Safety Tick]    
Sporting Excellence   Tick]  
Sports Development   Tick]  
Travel Services Tick] Tick]  


Retail and Commercial Enterprise


Types of Apprenticeship Intermediate Level Advanced Level Higher Level
Barbering Tick] Tick]  
Beauty Therapy Tick] Tick]  
Cleaning and Environmental Services Tick]    
Commercial Moving Tick]    
Drinks Dispense Systems Tick]    
Facilities Management   Tick]  
Fashion and Textiles Tick] Tick]  
Food and Drink Tick] Tick] Tick]
Hairdressing Tick] Tick]  
Hospitality and Catering Tick] Tick]  
International Trade and Logistics Tick]    
Licensed Hospitality Tick]    
Logistics Operations Tick] Tick]  
Mail Services and Package Distribution Tick]    
Nail Services Tick] Tick]  
Property Services Tick] Tick]  
Retail Tick] Tick]  
Spa Therapy   Tick]  
Traffic Office Tick] Tick]  
Vehicle Sales Tick] Tick]  
Warehousing and Storage Tick]    


Further Information

For further information you can go to the apprenticeships website Link to External Website or you can contact Lindsay Patchett to find out more about local initiatives at