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Secondary School Holidays

Future Elections


Individual Schools will advise if the school is subject to closure on Election dates. General elections are usually regarded as an unavoidable closure due to the late notice that is often given.

Whit Fridays

Mossley primary schools, where the majority of pupils take part in processions, must take this as a pupil closure day if it falls during term time. Parents of secondary pupils who wish their child to take part should obtain the consent of the governing body to their absence from school.

Secondary School Term Dates and School Holidays 2019-20

Downloadable PDF Document 2019-20 

Community Secondary School Term
and Holiday Dates 2019-2020

Autumn Term Mon 2nd Sep 2019 Fri 25th Oct 2019
Autumn Half Term Holidays Mon 28th Oct 2019 Fri 1st Nov 2019
Autumn Term Mon 4th Nov 2019 Fri 20th Dec 2019
Christmas Holidays Mon 23rd Dec 2019 Fri 3rd Jan 2020
Spring  Term Mon 6th Jan 2020 Fri 14th Feb 2020
Spring Half Term Holidays Mon 17th Feb 2020 Fri 21st Feb 2020
Spring Term Mon 24th Feb 2020 Fri 3rd Apr 2020
Easter Holidays Mon 6th Apr 2020 Fri 17th Apr 2020
Summer Term Mon 20th Apr 2020 Fri 22nd May 2020
Summer Half Term Holidays Mon 25th May 2020   Fri 29th May 2020
Summer Term Mon 1st Jun 2020 Thur 16th Jul 2020
Primary and Secondary School Pupil Closure(Inset) Days 2019 -2020
Pupils are required to be in school for 190 days per school year.  Three pupil closure days may be taken at any time in the school year to be determined by Governing Boards following advice from the Headteacher who will consult staff.
Bank Holidays 2019-2020
Wednesday  25th Dec 2019 During Christmas Holiday
Thursday 26th Dec 2019 During Christmas Holiday
Wednesday  1st Jan 2020 During Christmas Holiday
Friday  10th Apr 2020 During Easter Holidays
Monday  13th Apr 2020 During Easter Holidays
Friday  8th May 2020 School Closed VE Day
Monday  25th May 2020 During Summer Half Term Holiday


Schools are expected to return on Monday 2nd September 2019