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Councillor Brenda Warrington, Executive Leader of Tameside Council

Statement from the Leader on Ukraine

Friday, 25 February 2022

Like me, I am sure you are appalled by the events unfolding in Ukraine. To see an independent, sovereign and democratic country invaded in such a way is truly shocking and something we thought we wouldn’t see again on the continent of Europe. Information coming through from Ukraine is limited at the moment but it seems a full scale invasion is underway. History tells us that will come with considerable human tragedy. Innocent civilians will be injured and tragically many killed. Whole communities will be displaced. I fear we will start to see a refugee crisis as people attempt to flee the conflict.
I very much support the sanctions imposed on Russia by the British government so far, and I hope that more stringent sanctions will continue to be applied in the days to come to make the Russian government think again about their actions. I was pleased the Home Secretary made the right and swift decision to confirm that Ukrainians who are on work, study or visit visas in the United Kingdom will have their visas temporarily extended or be able to switch onto different visa routes. As a society we must re-double our efforts to support and make welcome our Ukrainian friends currently living in this country.
I want to express my solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian community in the United Kingdom. They must be so worried about their loved ones now stuck in the middle of this terrible conflict. Here in Tameside I offer our support to anyone of Ukrainian heritage who needs it. Please just come forward, contact the council and we will do whatever we can to help you.

Posted by: Executive Leader