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Councillor Brenda Warrington, Executive Leader of Tameside Council

Securing Tameside's Future at Full Council

Thursday, 30 May 2019

After a break to comply with the pre-election rules for the local and European elections, I’m delighted to be able to resume this blog following my re-election as Executive Leader of Tameside Council.

Last Tuesday we held the first meeting of Full Council following the local elections on 2nd May. My congratulations go out to those councillors who represented their wards in the council chambers for the first time following their successful election; Jack Naylor in Denton South, Shibley Alam in Hyde Werneth, Charlotte Martin in Audenshaw, Jacqueline Owen in Longdendale and Tameside’s first Green Party councillor, Lee Huntbach in Ashton Waterloo. I know that every single one of them is eager to get started and play a vital role in securing Tameside’s future.

A number of changes have also been made to the Executive Cabinet, with Councillor Bill Fairfoull remaining as Deputy Leader but also taking on the Children and Families portfolio, Councillor Oliver Ryan assuming responsibility for Finance and Economic Growth, and Councillor Eleanor Wills leading on Health, Social Care and Population Health. With a mix of experienced heads and fresh thinking, I am confident that we have the focused and balanced leadership necessary to deliver on our priorities.

The first meeting of Full Council since the election also offered us the opportunity to lay out our plans and ambitions for Tameside over the next year.

Our focus will be on two distinct but deeply connected areas; people and place. Not only we will work to preserve Tameside’s natural environment; our greenspaces and areas of beauty, but we will also invest in our built environment - the town centres, buildings and infrastructure that we depend upon for our livelihoods and quality of life. At the same time we intend to secure the future of Tameside’s people and the services that many of them depend upon, guaranteeing that our elderly and vulnerable residents can live with care and dignity, and ensuring that young people in Tameside have the very best start we can give them.

We’ve got a number of plans for the year that’ll help us to realise those ambitions. We’ll protect our natural environment by continuing to make good on the commitments we made at the Tameside Green Summit six months ago, tackling the scourge of micro-plastic pollution and encouraging our residents to have their say on the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan. Hand-in-hand with this will be the development of our built infrastructure, including making the most of the newly opened Tameside One, moving forward with the construction of the Transport Hub in Ashton-under-Lyne and the Denton Wellness Centre, and delivering ultra-fast broadband through our dark fibre network and partnership with the Tameside Digital Infrastructure Cooperative.

Our pioneering work on integrating health and social care will also take another step with the opening of five Primary Care Access Hubs and the Urgent Treatment Centre at Tameside Hospital, helping to ensure access high-quality and person-centred care no matter where you are in Tameside and Glossop. Our drive to improve health and care, especially for our most vulnerable residents, won’t end there either. We’ll also double the funding for mental health initiatives and use new models of home care to empower our elderly to continue to live as full and independent lives as possible. We’ll also do our bit for those just starting out in their lives, including keeping up our support for our care leavers and working with our police, schools and other partners to give families in need the Early Help to resolve issues before they escalate.

Nor are our ambitions limited to the areas I just described. We will continue to support a number of other projects such as improving the Private Rented Sector and bringing empty homes in Tameside back into use. We also want to recommit to working with our communities and partners by seeking accreditation as a Cooperative Council, reinforced by a comprehensive economic strategy embedded in growth, housing and co-operative principles.

Success over the next year will not only transform Tameside, both people and place. It will make us an example for other local authorities in Greater Manchester and England to follow. Over the next twelve months, we intend to make Tameside a fairer place, to make Tameside a richer place, and, most importantly of all, to make Tameside a better place to live and work in. 

Posted by: Executive Leader