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Conflict and Consequences

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Manchester Regiment Collection. Conflict & Consequence Education Resource.
A series of creative sessions aimed at key stage 2 classes, looking at situations and stories relating to WW1 and the wider repercussions of conflict.
Below you will find information and links allowing you to access a variety of resources, films, scripts and lesson plans.
There are four schemes of work:
I Shall Remember Them
The Collectors
Why we Fight
Footsteps of our Fathers

The sessions are designed to link to our ‘Manchester Regiment’ collection, and can be used as stimulus to inspire the creation of dramatic scenes and creative pieces of writing linked to the themes running. Also available to support this work is the loan box ‘I shall remember them’, as well as our other military focussed loan boxes. This can be booked by contacting Portland Basin Museum on: 0161 342 5480.

To find a full list of loan boxes available please visit: Museum and Galleries Loan Boxes (

You will find that the schemes of work contain scripts, films, national curriculum links and lesson plans that encourage children and young people to use drama and creative philosophical enquiry to explore issues that arise from “Conflict & Consequence”. The lesson plans are linked directly to the topic of “War” but they also allow classes to explore the wider implications of the subject matter.
Schemes of Work.

Teacher User Guide and Support
Teacher User Guide

I Shall Remember Them. What do we do about the stories of soldiers that are forgotten? What about those who grow old alone?
I shall remember them

Click here for the accompanying film

The Collectors. A story that looks at the importance of history and the reasons why we should remember our past.
The Collectors

Click here for the accompanying film

Why we Fight. A story that asks should people be forced to fight in wars? And is it ever right to break the law?
Why we fight

Click here for the accompanying film

Footsteps of our Fathers. A story set during WW1 that looks at what it means to be brave.
Footsteps of our Fathers