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Community stands together in face of hate crime

Press Release: 22/02/2021


TAMESIDE’S community has come together in the face of shocking graffiti which appeared in locations around Denton.

 The actions of one individual must not and do not speak for the values of Tameside’s proud and inclusive community – members of which are appalled by this event.

 During these already difficult and troubling times it is vital that people continue to come together in community spirit, as they have throughout the coronavirus pandemic, supporting and looking out for one another.

 Chief Inspector Lee Broadstock, GMP Tameside said:

 “In Tameside we have no place for hate. I have a request to the residents of Denton and Tameside who have shown their outrage at these actions, please come forward if you have information about the perpetrator – let’s come together and unite against hate crime.”

 Community representatives have shared their inspiring words of inclusivity and togetherness to show that hate crime has no place in Tameside:

 Ruhela Begum, Community Development ManagerDiversity Matters Northwest, Hyde

 "Misunderstandings often arise from ignorance and fear, no one is born hating each other because of the persons ethnic background, colour of their skin, or their faith it’s a learnt behaviour, so people need to be educated around this matter if one can learn to hate likewise they can also be taught to love and get to know each other and live together in peace and harmony.”

 “Learn to love not hate.”

 Steve Marsland, Headteacher, National Leader of Education, Russell Scott Primary School, Denton

 “Racism is taught….it’s a grown-ups illness cured through education and on the lap of their parents. I’ve spent a lifetime teaching children to be brave and bold, to question, to learn and to show tolerance where achievement is not determined by colour. Whoever is spreading racist hate across our town has been poorly educated and has become sick. Denton is a strong and proud town; show it…Call hate out to isolate and vaccinate another virus!”

Revd Jo Farnworth, Vicar, St Andrew’s and St Martin’s, Droylsden

 “I love being a vicar in Tameside and value the diversity of our borough - it's a real joy to live and work alongside people from different backgrounds.  There should be no place in this borough for race hate as it divides and weakens us.  We are so much stronger and can do great things when we hold together, so let's make sure we all keep supporting and respecting each other!”

 Revd Philip J Cooper, Minister of Fairfield Moravian Church & Ecumenical Officer for the Moravian Church in Great Britain & Ireland

 “Racism grows out of ignorance and fear.  It seeks to unfairly and unjustly blame certain sections of our society for problems that they are not responsible for at all.  We must all stand together against discrimination, prejudice and racism in all its forms.  We must all stand together for a just and equal society, where all people of every ethnicity, culture and faith can contribute to the common good.  The diversity of our culture in Tameside is to be celebrated and that diversity enriches us all.”

 Cllr Allison Gwynne, Tameside Council Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Community Safety and Environment

 “We in Tameside must strive for our borough to continue to be a welcoming place and to celebrate its diverse communities. We want everybody to be able to live a happy life here and reap the benefits of an inclusive community.”

 “We will not stand for hate and division here and actions motivated as such will not be tolerated. No one should face hate, violence or abuse because of who they are, who they love, where they’re from, what they look like or what they believe.”

“Let’s stand together, support and look after one another.”

 Support is available for victims of hate, visit or contact crime stoppers to give information anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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