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Let’s keep going to protect each other from covid

Press Release: 24/02/2021


Brenda WarringtonTAMESIDE residents are urged to keep on sticking to covid rules to protect eachother and further drive down infection rates before national restrictions are eased.

Infection rates remain higher in Tameside than in other parts of the country, with the borough now ranked 12th nationally for the number of new infections. There are worrying spikes of cases in Tameside’s local communities and an increased number of outbreaks of increased size – reflecting how much easier the Kent covid variant, which is now dominant in Tameside, is to catch and pass on.

Tameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Brenda Warrington is appealing to residents to continue to stay at home and follow the rules to stay safe and avoid passing covid on to others.

She said: “I know most people will have heard, with great anticipation and interest, the Prime Minister’s announcement this week about the roadmap for easing Covid restrictions, and will have welcomed the news of gradual easing of restrictions, a prospect that is now so tantalisingly within reach.

“But we must not forget that people in our community are still getting very poorly and even dying from covid – unfortunately many of us know of someone this has happened to. We must not do anything which may put ourselves, our loved ones and others in our community at risk - it is just not worth it, as I’m sure anyone going through the grief and heartbreak of losing a loved one to this terrible virus will confirm. My deepest sympathy goes to everyone who has lost someone to covid.

“Our rates remain higher than in other parts of the country and we do not want to get left behind with a reservoir of covid in our community - and the potential of continued local restrictions - while the rest of the nation enjoys starting to move on to a more normal life.

“So we must not see these plans for relaxation of restrictions in the future as a reason to stop following the rules now. Every action each of us takes can make a difference so we must continue to stay at home for the next three weeks, sticking to the rules and being extra vigilant in the basics of washing hands, keeping a distance, wearing a face covering and keeping indoor areas well ventilated.

“I am pleased to see a return to schools as a top priority nationally, this has always been an issue of utmost importance for me and my cabinet.  However, I am clear that the return to schools must be carefully managed and must only happen when safe to do so, we are working with Tameside schools to achieve this.

“My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who is sacrificing so much to be faithful to the rules and protect eachother. Thank you also to everyone working on the frontline and behind the scenes to serve the local community during what has been a long and difficult year.

“I know in Tameside we have the sprit, determination and heart to continue to follow the restrictions so we can look after eachother and look forward to better times –  enjoying the things we love and live for – very soon.”

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