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Tameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Gerald Cooney

Press Release: 15/09/2022

Ged CooneyTameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Gerald Cooney has made the following statement and tribute following the death of Her Majesty The Queen.
He said: “Tameside has come together like never before to mourn in the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We are remembering a queen but also a kind and caring person who has been truly great in our time, putting duty above all else and serving her country with love, wisdom and dignity.
“The late Queen, who gave such selfless service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, was a constant in most of our lives for 70 years and it’s hard to believe she is no longer with us. The loss feels personal, and will do to so many in Tameside and the world over. She was a remarkable monarch, but also a mother, grandmother, and so much more. She was an inspiration to all and will be deeply missed and mourned by Tameside Council and our residents.
“I think this was reflected when more than 300 people of all ages gathered outside Dukinfield Town Hall on Sunday, 11 September, when the Civic Mayor, Cllr Mike Glover, paid tribute to The Queen and read the proclamation of the new monarch, His Majesty King Charles III.
“This is a day I will certainly remember and one I am proud to have been a part of. It was the first time the ceremony had taken place in the borough since 1952, and a day of mixed emotions as the sombre and reflective atmosphere shifted to celebrate the ascension of our new King. As the Mayor concluded with a shout of “God Save the King!” it was thundered back by those who had come to witness the historic event. Three cheers and a loud and enthusiastic rendition of the National Anthem followed.
“It has been moving to see the floral tributes, many of which bearing personal and touching messages, outside our civic buildings and the flow of people coming to sign the pages of condolence across the borough. Following the funeral we will be bringing together all the pages containing tributes and combining them into a single and fitting book of condolence.
“There are of course, very special memories for many Tameside residents of when Queen Elizabeth II visited  Tameside in May 1968 to focus on viewing improvements made by Operation Spring Clean, an initiative designed to remove more than a century of accumulated grime and blight from North West England’s industrial towns.  Issues that remain relevant today.

“During her visit, The Queen met the mayor, Alderman Harry Myers, along with many other dignitaries. But it was her smile and affection for the people of Tameside that will be remembered most on that day.  Many will recall having lined the streets to watch her pass by as she waved to the crowds. And for those whom she made time to personally greet, I’m sure it will be a proud day and memory that will be cherished.
“Finally, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the many staff and members of the community who have been working hard, ensuring that the protocols which are steeped in history, are followed respectfully and appropriately as Tameside mourns such a revered Queen.
“On Monday 19 September the Council will be joining the world to pay their respects and thank Her Majesty the Queen for her absolute commitment and lifelong dedication to public service. I will be joining Tameside Officials and Civic Mayor, Cllr Mike Glover, who will lead a two-minute silence following the State Funeral at approximately 11:54am outside Dukinfield Town Hall. I would once again welcome members of the public to join us in this moment.”
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