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Food and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar.

Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, full-sugar soft drinks, butter and ice cream are all foods high in fat, salt and sugars. These types of foods are not needed in our diet so if consumed, have them in small amounts and less often. If you consume these types of foods and drinks often how about an easy challenge for yourself and your family, have a go at limiting how often you have them and try to have smaller amounts and try to record your changes to see how far you’ve come.

Food and drinks high in fat, salt and sugar have lots of energy in them which can be bad for our waistline and teeth and can cause many other health problems like becoming overweight, obesity, high blood pressure and tooth decay amongst others

Tameside Top Tips:
  • MilkIf you’re feeling you need a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of reaching for a slice of cake, or try some fresh fruit a slice of malt loaf
  • Kick start the day by kicking out those sugary cereals and give yourself an energy boost by throwing together some porridge or Weetabix and add some fruit

Try the Tameside Swap Challenge by having a look at the swap suggestions below and see if you can have a go!
salt in food
It is very important to keep your sugar and salt to a minimum. Here is a guide to daily sugar limits:

You can also try the sugar calculator to see how much sugar is in everyday food and drinks you may have:

Most of us are eating more salt than we realise, take a look at the maximum daily amounts of salt each age group should have as a maximum:

salt intake

For more information on salt and how to reduce and keep an eye on your salt intake, click here:
To find out more about salt and your health, click here:

Click on the recipes below for the full PDF version

chicken nuggets
chilli con carne