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5 - 11

  • At this age children enjoy making things and having stories that are personal about them. You could make up your own story together and draw pictures to go along with this and then re-tell the story.
  • During stories help develop your child’s language skills by talking about the characters in the story, what they look like, what they feel, what they are doing.
  • Draw your child’s attention to the words as you read the story by pointing to the words as you read.
  • Expand on your child’s talking and thinking skills by after reading the story ask them questions such as “who was in the story?” “where did the story take place?” “what happened?” “when was the story set.” “how did they feel?” “what could happen next?” etc.
  • At this age children will enjoy a mixture of sharing a book that they can read with their parent, and listening to a book being read to them for them to use their imagination.