Here’s what you need to know

Laurus Ryecroft are planning to open their new school in September 2018
Before that can be confirmed, there are a number of processes that need to be completed like getting planning permission for the new building. 
So what does that mean if you want to make an application for the school?
You should apply online as normal.  Please put Laurus Ryecroft on your application if you want to be considered for a place.  The preference number that you make Laurus Ryecroft is up to you
but, as with any Tameside School, the higher the preference, the better your chance of being offered a place at the school.
How will Tameside Council deal with your application?
We will deal with all applications as we normally do but for September 2018, we will run two systems.  One system will include applications for Laurus Ryecroft (option 1 below) and one won’t (option 2 below).  This means that you will not be disadvantaged if Laurus Ryecroft is unable to open for September 2018 and all your other preferences will move up one.  So for example:
Option 1               Your application if Laurus Ryecroft opens in September 2018
Preference 1                      Laurus Ryecroft
Preference 2                      School A
Preference 3                      School B
Preference 4                      School C
Preference 5                      School D
Preference 6                      School E
Option 2               Your application if Laurus Ryecroft cannot open in September 2018
Preference 1                      School A
Preference 2                      School B
Preference 3                      School C
Preference 4                      School D
Preference 5                      School E
After the closing date, we will continue to process applications as if Laurus Ryecroft is opening in September. If due to unforeseen circumstances Laurus Ryecroft and the Education and Skills Funding Agency make a decision that they will not meet the deadline to open for September 2018, we will move to option 2 and we will notify you that this is the case.
Why might Laurus Ryecroft not be able to open?
It takes time to open a school, for example, you need to recruit teachers and support staff and make sure the buildings are on site and suitable to use.  All of this takes time and after a certain point, it wouldn’t be possible to do these things and be open for September 2018.
Will my application for other schools be dealt with less favourably?
Not at all.  As explained above, we will run two systems to ensure that all applications are dealt with fairly so that no one will be disadvantaged by putting Laurus Ryecroft as one of their preferences.
What happens if I only put one school as my preference? 
Our advice, regardless of Laurus Ryecroft is always to use all your preferences.  If you only put one school, for example Laurus Ryecroft and we are unable to offer the school, we will have no alternative but to offer you the nearest school with places available and that might not be a school close to home.
Where can I get more information about Laurus Ryecroft?
Please visit the school’s website using this link: https://www.laurusryecroft.org.uk/
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