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Frequently Asked Questions


When will my course start?

We teach classes from September to July and enrol new learners throughout the academic year.
Contact reception on 0161 342 4063 for details on course enrolment dates.

How long will the course last?

Beginners' courses are from 3 weeks in length.

How often do I have to attend?

All courses are part-time. Your tutor will tell you which days/dates you need to attend. We expect you to commit to attending every session.

What is an initial assessment?

Anyone who wants to do a Maths, English or IT qualification with us, or an ESOL class, will need to complete an initial assessment. These assessments will help us to decide which course, at which level will be right for you. The actual assessments vary depending on the type of course you are interested in doing with us. The IT assessment, for example, is a series of questions aimed at testing your computer skills and knowledge in using software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Why do I have to do an assessment?

Assessments make sure that no learner is placed on a course which is too hard or too easy for them and helps inform the tutor the areas you need to work on to achieve a qualification.

How much is my course?

Our prices are relative to the courses that are being undertaken. If, however, you are on a means tested benefit or are unemployed and looking for work you may be entitled to reduced tuition fees.

Will it be like going back to school?

You will be returning to learning but you will find that it is not like school. We promote a friendly and warm environment where learners have the best opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

What if I get a job whilst I am on my course?

If you find employment whilst you are on the course this will not affect your course fee. If you will be working on the day you normally attend contact Reception on 0161 342 4063 and speak to Student Services as we may be able to transfer you to another class. Please don’t forget to let us know! We love to hear about our learners’ successes.

What if I work full time and the course I want is part time in the day?

We offer a limited range of courses during the evening. However, we try to respond to our learners needs. Tell student services about your interest and they will put you on a waiting list. If we get enough learners for an evening course we will try to deliver one.

I have put my name down for a course and have not heard anything yet, when will I be contacted?

We make every effort to contact learners with their course start dates. Please check your texts, emails and post regularly once you have put your name down for a course. If you are on a waiting list for a short course you should hear from us two weeks before it starts.

If you have enquired about a Maths or English course, and have taken the initial assessment in August/September you should be contacted within two weeks with the outcome. If you have enquired about Maths or English after January you will be placed on a waiting list for the initial assessments the following August/September. At that time you will be contacted to come in for the assessment.

If you have enquired about an ESOL course you will be on a waiting list for the next available course. There is a long waiting list for ESOL courses. As soon as a course is available we will contact you. You will come in for an assessment the following week and your course will start one week later.
Please check your phone for calls and text messages on a regular basis.

I've been assessed, how long will I have to wait to start a class?

If you have been assessed you will be waiting to start in a class which is convenient to you. We monitor class sizes weekly and as soon as a space is available we will contact you to offer you a class.

I have a question but it is not on here, who do I contact?

Please contact Reception on 0161 342 4063 and ask for Student Services.

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