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Festival of Learning Winner 2020!

We are incredibly pound that one of our learners, Rubi Naz, has been selected for the Festival of Learning’s English Learner of the Year Award 2020 in the biggest celebration on lifelong learning in England. Rubi was selected from hundreds of applicants for her inspiring story of how adult education changed her life.
When Rubi first came to ACE she knew very little English, had low confidence and was dependant on others to help her navigate the healthcare system for her son who needed medical attention. Rubi worked hard at ACE to build a foundation in English, maths, IT and childcare, gaining qualifications in them all, and she and is now fluent in English, has passed her driving test and is confident in speaking to her son’s healthcare workers.
Since developing her English skills Rubi has also progressed to Tameside College where she passed the higher level childcare qualification needed to compliment what she had achieved at ACE and move even closer towards her career goals. Since then, Rubi has secured a job as midday assistant at her son’s school and recently applied for, and was accepted for the full time position of Teaching Assistant. Well done Rubi!

Pursuing her career aspiration to become a social worker Nicola is now studying for her masters degree at Lancaster University

Nicola needed a Level 2 English qualification to get onto her masters degree at Lancaster University and move closer towards her goal of becoming a registered social worker. After completing a BA (Hons.) degree in Abuse Studies, Childhood and Youth Studies, Nicola set her heart on becoming a registered social worker. To achieve this she would need a masters in Social Work on top of her degree. When she applied for the masters course Nicola was told she would need a Level 2 English qualification because the one she had achieved 12 years ago was no longer recognised:
“That’s when I contacted ACE and asked about the Level 2 Functional Skills English course. The start the staff were so helpful and welcoming and really put me at ease. My tutor Alison was great; she explained everything perfectly and understood all the different areas of support for every individual in the class which was amazing.  The course was just once a week so it fit perfectly into my lifestyle. I’m so grateful that ACE helped me accomplish the English qualification that I needed to gain a place on the university course. I thoroughly recommend ACE - it’s a fantastic place to come and learn!

ACE Learner Rubi has been nominated for National Award!

We're super excited to announce that one of our learners, Rubi, has been shortlisted for a 2020 Festival of Learning Award.

Out of hundreds of nominations Rubi is one of only 40 shortlisted for this national award! Well done Rubi!!

We’ll hear if she’s won over the next few weeks as the selection has been delayed due to coronavirus.

To see Rubi’s name on the shortlist follow this link:

Trip to Noah’s A.R.T. Animal Therapy

On Tuesday 3rd March 2020 ACE learners visited Noah’s A.R.T., an animal assisted wellbeing service at the Together Centre in Dukinfield.

“I found it very relaxing. I was choosing and giving out food to the animals and I enjoyed it very much”

It was a fantastic afternoon where our learners got the chance to engage with animals and participate in activities like “find the snack” challenges for the dogs, creating tubes of food and platters for the rabbits, feeding the guinea pigs and watching as some of the animals underwent their health checks.

“I found it very calming and enjoyed it a lot”

Noah’s A.R.T. offers a safe space to reconnect with life and living things for those who love animals. For more information visit, or call 07973453942.

Samantha’s Amazing Success Story

I didn’t go to school when I was younger because I had to look after my family.  Eventually I got married and had four kids. I decided to get some education as I wanted a job but every time I went for one I was told I needed Maths and English.

I spoke to Debbie Leech who used to come to ACE and she said I should give it a go. At first it was daunting but as I got to know the Tutors I got more relaxed. Last year I did English and maths and I’ve gone up a level in them both now.

I like the classes because they’re small and everyone helps each other and they’re all really friendly. A few years ago I was quite shy but now I feel like I can talk about my opinions more because I’m more confident. I realised people are in the same position as me and ACE began to feel like a second home. I realised I wasn’t alone.

One day when I was outside the PDSA charity shop I met the manager and she asked me if I wanted to be a volunteer. I decided to go for it and filled in the application form. I’m dyslexic so this was hard but the learning I’ve done at ACE really helped with this.

I went to Bury for my interview and they told me I had the job that night! Now I’m now managing over 30 volunteers and PDSA are going to support me to do my NVQ level 1 in Retail next year.

I do a lot of support work as well now for people with special needs and the homeless. On Tuesdays we have a social club in the Engine room and I also work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays at the Station. Sometimes people are scared of looking for education because they’ve been let down before so I encourage them to come to ACE.

I believe that if you can help one person it can really change their lives. There are people with anxiety and depression who need help. I’ve got support from my family and friends so I want to be there for people who haven’t got that support.

ACE’s 100% Attendance Prize for Term 1 goes to…Natasha!

Natasha has been selected out of 155 learners for our Term 1 100% Attendance prize. Natasha’s attended every class in all three of her courses.

“I’m one of those people where if I decide I’m going to do something, I do it one hundred percent. I don’t do things by halves.

It’s not always easy because I have two kids and things can get difficult but I love coming to ACE.

Sometimes I’ve thought, “Can I make it today”? But then I just think, “I need to do this” and then I’ve done it.

I want to do this because I want to get a job and I want to better myself and get some qualifications for my CV so I can start applying for work.”

Well done Natasha!

I use everything I’ve learned at ACE when I’m writing my books which helps to make them more professional - Timea

“It was always my dream to publish a book so I’m so happy that my second book has just been published.

Coming to Alison’s classes is helping me to widen my vocabulary and improve my grammar. It’s also boosting my confidence as I can see the progress I’m making every week. I’ve learned about different features of text too and I use everything I’ve learned at ACE when I’m writing my books which helps to make them more professional.

Alison is really good as a teacher. She’s really friendly and makes every class enjoyable. The classes are really fun and we laugh a lot. Alison packs lots into each lesson and always makes sure that everyone has something to learn that’s at their level.

I was born in Hungary and came to the UK in 2013. I’ve always enjoyed writing, ever since I was a child, but I stopped around 2009 as life became so busy. In 2018 I started writing again after going to Ashton Library’s ‘Storymaker’ sessions which inspired me to start writing again.

I decided to write dual language books in Hungarian and English when I noticed a gap in the language books at the library. I was learning Urdu at the time and noticed there were a lot of dual language books but not in Hungarian and English and I know that thousands of Hungarian families live in England. I wanted to give them the same opportunity to learn so I created English and Hungarian content for them to learn and share with their kids.

I’ve already got another idea for a new book. The more I learn about English the better my books become as the translations become easier and more accurate.”

Congratulations to our ACE Learners

Over 130 people gathered at Dukinfield Town Hall on Wednesday 30th October to celebrate the hard work and success of adult learners who passed exams in maths, English, IT, childcare, retail and life and living skills. The afternoon tea themed celebration was attended by Cllr. Leanne Feely, Tim Bowman, Assistant Director for Education, and David Berry, Head of Employment and Skills who presented certificates and awards to everyone who achieved their qualifications. “It was a wonderful event” - Cllr. Leanne Feeley.

Left to Right: Cllr. Leanne Feeley, Learner of the Year Samantha Whittam

The John Symington Overall Learner of the Year Award went to Samantha Whittam

Samantha worked extremely hard in the class and completed all the homework set which resulted in her passing level 1 and 2 in the same year! As she grew in confidence she began helping others and supporting their learning too and became an invaluable member of the class. Well done Samantha!

The Volunteer of the Year Award went to Diana Bowes

left to right, Diana Bowes, Tim Bowman, Assistant Director for Education
Diana is highly valued, reliable and hardworking member of the team and is thrilled to report she now has a job: “Over the last few years I’ve learned so much and gained lots of new skills. I feel more confident in speaking to people now and I’ve gained lots of qualifications which - alongside the support I’ve received from Routes to Work - have helped me get a job.”

Head of Service Sarah Odor said, “The awards afternoon was a fantastic success and an a great opportunity for learners to celebrate with their families and be rewarded for all the hard work and dedication they put in to achieve their qualifications”. (Oct 2019)

Diana Gets Back into Work

“I’ve been with ACE since 2011 and have completed courses in English, maths, retail, hospitality and catering. This year I’m doing an IT course. I’ve also been volunteering in the kitchen at ACE since 2017 and I found out today that I’ve got my first job since 2011.
I stopped working in 2001 after my mum died as everything got too much and started to go downhill. I was on the sick for about 10 years after that. In 2011 I was ready to look for work again but I didn’t have any qualifications. I decided to try and get some qualifications to help me get a job and that’s when I found Tameside ACE.

Over the last seven years I’ve learned so much and gained lots of new skills. I feel more confident in speaking to people and I’ve got lots of qualifications now which - alongside the support I’ve received from Routes to Work - have helped me get a job.” (Oct 2019)

Diwali 2019

Staff and learners at Tameside Adult and Community Education had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali on 19th, 20th and 21st October. As well as a presentation about the meaning of Diwali there was food tasting, henna, sari and bindi demonstrations, displays of traditional jewellery, lantern making and rangoli. (Oct 2019)

“I’ve always worked but never had to use a computer in my job before so when I found out I’d have to use one, I felt scared because it was all new. It’s uplifted me coming in today. After my first session today I feel more confident” – Janis

“I came to ACE for the first time today and it’s been smashing - really eye opening. It’s a lovely centre.
I’m very happy with my experience; I’ve learned lots including how to use the keys on my laptop and how to log into different accounts including my email account. 
I’ve always worked but never had to use a computer in my job before so when I found out I’d have to use one, I felt scared because it was all new. It’s uplifted me coming in today. After my first session today I feel more confident in wanting to learn and I feel like I’ve achieved something really good. I’m going to go home this afternoon and teach my husband what I’ve learned.” (Sep 2019)


“I got encouragement from the Tutors to apply for work so I started sending off some applications and eventually got my first job” - Laura

When I first came to ACE I was so shy I wouldn’t speak. Eventually, because it was so relaxed, not like a school classroom, I started feeling more comfortable. I started to share my thoughts and ideas and started to become more confident.
I really enjoyed all my classes and every day at ACE felt like my day to get out of house, socialise and learn something new. It also really helped with my self-esteem as I realised that I was just as good as anyone else.
I got encouragement from the Tutors to apply for work so I started sending off some applications and eventually got my first job at Doodle Pots where I’ve been working for a while now. I feel so proud to have found this job and I feel like I’ve grown with the business and learned so much. (Aug 2019)

Congratulations to Tameside’s ACE Learners

On Thursday 11th October 2018 over 70 adult learners attended Dukinfield Town Hall for an afternoon tea themed celebration of their learning and achievements. Cllr. Leanne Feely, Tim Bowman, Assistant Director for Education, and David Berry, Head of Employment and Skills attended the ceremony to present certificates and awards to everyone who achieved their qualifications in 2017/18.

“It was a great event and a real honour to present the awards to learners. Well done to the staff for another year of great results and to all the learners whose hard work has paid off, skills are the foundation of our future economic growth”


- Cllr. Leanne Feeley.


Learner of the year Ryan Clarke

The John Symington ACE Learner of the Year Award went to Ryan Clarke:

Left to Right: Jack Leng, Quality Manager; Ryan Clarke, Learner of the Year; Cllr. Leanne Feeley

Ryan missed out on a lot of his education when he was growing up as he was in and out of youth offending institutions. Since starting at ACE a year ago, he’s achieved entry level 3 English, level 1 English, and level 1 maths. He’s now studying level 2 English and has now secured full time employment with a welding company.

“ACE has a really warm atmosphere that made me really want to be there. The lessons are good and the Tutors are great because they listen to you; they’re really understanding and attentive and always give you extra help if you need it. My maths and English were holding me back from finding work but now I’ve got my qualification I’ve managed to get a full time work in a job where I get to travel a bit and the money is good. Coming to ACE and improving my English and maths has opened the doors towards other employment opportunities in the future too”.


Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award went to Debbie Leech:

Left to right, Jack Leng, Quality Manager; Debbie Leech, Volunteer of the Year; Cllr. Leanne Feeley

Following a family tragedy when she was younger, Debbie had to bring three children up on her own and because of this, her education suffered: “I never thought I would amount to much and didn’t know my potential. I didn’t ever feel like I had a chance to prove myself. When I got to fifty, I decided to get educated and prove to myself that I could do whatever I set my mind to because I wanted to improve my situation.

I first came to ACE in 2015 and since then I’ve achieved my Maths Level 1 and 2, Sign Language, completed a range of IT courses and I’m now doing an evening English GCSE course which I love.

I’ve always loved coming to ACE and look forward to it because the Tutors are so empathic and helpful. I’ve been volunteering in the kitchen for 6 months and on reception for about 6 months. I’ve just won the Volunteer of the Year Award which I was presented with at the Learner Awards Afternoon. Winning this has taken away any self-doubt I had left about my capabilities. I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life”.

“The awards afternoon was a fantastic success and an impressive show of all the hard work and dedication that learners have put in to achieve their qualifications” - Tim Bowman, Assistant Director for Education. Jean Quinn, Head of Service said, “It was a great event; well done to all”.

Tameside ACE offers courses for adults aged 19 and over in employment skills and skills for life including maths, English, ICT, Childcare, Retail and Enterprise as well as job searching, confidence building, British Sign Language and ESOL. For more information or to request a prospectus, call 0161 342 4063 or visit

 ACE English Learners Collect for Local Food Bank

What are foodbanks? What do they do? Are they needed? As part of their speaking and listening activities, ACE English learners chose to discuss foodbanks. In their final discussion each learner shared their personal opinion on whether or not foodbanks benefited our society and it was decided that they do make a positive contribution to the community. To show their support, learners wanted to make a donation so a collection point was organised by their Tutor, Alison, where food has been collected to be sent to a local food bank on the 14th December.




 ACE Awards Evening - Congratulations to our ACE Learners!

On Thursday 23rd November at Dukinfield Town Hall, over 100 people celebrated the hard work, commitment and perseverance of Tameside Adult and Community Education’s learners who completed their courses in maths, English, ICT, Childcare, Retail or Enterprise.

The awards were presented by Executive Member for Lifelong Learning, Cllr. Lynne Travis and Cllr. Philip Fitzpatrick, in the presence of Director or Place, Robin Monk, who said: “What a great evening it was last night and great to see everyone really pleased to get their certificates and awards. A great turnout and you could see everyone enjoyed the evening”. Head of Service, Jean Quinn also commented: “I was so proud to be there with all the learners and the staff. It was an excellent evening!”

The ACE Learner of the Year, Steven, was presented with the John Symington Award by David Berry, Head of Employment and Skills who said the night had been “a fantastic event and a great way to celebrate the hard work of staff, volunteers and learners over the year, I’m very proud to be part of the service.”

Tameside ACE offers courses for adults aged 19 and over in employment skills and skills for life including maths, English, ICT, Childcare, Retail and Enterprise as well as job searching, confidence building, British Sign Language and ESOL. For more information or to request a prospectus, call 0161 342 4063 or visit






Learner Success Story

Yvonne - Functional Skills Maths and ICT


“I had no idea how to use a computer when I first came to Tameside ACE. After a number of courses I have now achieved my L2 IT qualification and am really proud.

My greatest achievement here is how far I’ve come with my maths. I left school with no qualifications whatsoever. I started at Level 1 and progressed to Level 2 which I passed in July 2017 after a few attempts. It made me realise that you only fail when you give up. I’m now enrolled onto GCSE maths which I’m very happy about.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at ACE so far and am looking forward to this year and seeing what else I can achieve!”

Reading Ahead Certificates presented to ACE learners at Ashton Library

Learners from Tameside ACE who completed the Reading Ahead Challenge were presented with certificates by Councillor Ged Cooney at Ashton Library on Thursday 18th May 2017. The challenge was for learners to read 6 books and complete a short review of each of them. Prizes were awarded for progress including a bookmark, pen and keyring for every 2 books they finished.

Around 60 learners completed the Reading Ahead Challenge, including some who had never read a book before. After finishing six books, many said that they are now reading for pleasure for the first time! Congratulations to everyone involved.


Tameside ACE Open Day Tuesday 13th June 2017

What a fantastic day this turned out to be! A brilliant opportunity to find out about our courses, meet the staff and enjoy a free afternoon tea.

Tameside ACE Progression Q&A Session Tameside College, Ashton Sixth Form and the Manchester College


Thank you to Tameside College, Ashton Sixth Form and the Manchester College for coming along to talk to our learners about progression opportunities in 2017. It was a brilliant afternoon and a fantastic opportunity for ACE learners to explore their options and consider what they want to do when they finish their courses with us in July.


Oksana’s Success Story

After completing training and gaining qualifications at Tameside ACE, as well as volunteering for 2 years at Tameside, Oldham and Glossop MIND, Oksana now works at MIND in the role of Together Programme Coordinator, delivering therapeutic courses and coordinating Together Project.

Oksana worked hard at ACE to gain her level 1, level 2 and level 3 IT qualifications in ITQ, which equipped her with a range of computer skills. She also learnt how to build her own computer on our PC Build course and attended an Introduction to Counselling course: 

I am very grateful to all my tutors and staff at Tameside ACE (previously known as Learn@St.Ann’s) who helped me on my journey. Tutors’ enthusiasm and motivation are amazing! I enjoyed every day of my studies, team professionalism and support, as well as flexibility of courses.

I am very happy working for Tameside MIND. Helping people finding their peace of mind, learning new tools and coping techniques how to deal with stress and gaining confidence and self-esteem - gives me my life purpose and feeling of fulfilment.”

The training and qualifications Oksana completed at ACE, in addition to the voluntary work she did at MIND provided her with the skills confidence she needed to move into employment.

ACE’s Confidence Building Course Changes Lives!


 Nikki completed our Confidence Building in March 2017.

“I genuinely feel it’s made a real impact on my life. I used to feel afraid of going out and talking to people but it’s helped me feel more confident when going for job interviews as well as in my personal life. The tutor, Emma, is fantastic; she’s been patient, informative and is just a lovely lady!”
Nikki, completed Confidence Building in March 2017

Angela Rayner

On Thursday 9th March 2017, Angela Rayner MP for Ashton-under-Lyne met learners from Tameside ACE (Adult and Community Education) at Tameside Central Library.

Angela spoke to ACE’s English learners about the importance of reading and how this had played huge part on her path to success. She also encouraged the group to take up the “six book challenge”, a government initiative to get people to read more.

Students had a fantastic time:
“It was a great experience. She answered all our questions." David Mitchell
“It was really interesting. She told us how she had transformed her life from being wrote off as a child to being successful now.” Fred Syer
“I really enjoyed it. She respected us all, gave us great information and was really helpful.” Muhammed Kakar

Alison Helliwell, English Tutor at Tameside ACE said:
“It went really well; Angela was amazing and really inspirational. She shared with us her personal path to success and answered questions from our learners about employment and further study”.



Volunteering Success

Edward has recently started volunteering as a gardener at a park in Ashton:
“I’ve been volunteering there for a few weeks now; I’ve been doing weeding, litter picking, picking up leaves and planting apple trees. There’s about eight of us, and it’s been nice. I’m going to keep going”
Edward Wilkinson, Enterprise student at Tameside ACE, January 2017 
“He worked really hard and did an excellent job. We're planting some apple trees next Monday”
David Reed, volunteer

 Well done to our 100% attendance prize draw winners!

The winners are:

  • Steven Parker
  • Sean Jefferies
  • Sana Shoaib
  • Alison Dixon

Well done to everyone who attended 100% of their classes this term. This term’s winners will be presented with their prize in their next lesson.

Learner Success

"I wouldn't be where I am now without my English teacher, Michelle. I picked up a book in Ashton library and for the first time in 30 odd years I was able to understand it. Alison is helping me this year and I've learned a lot. The people here are smashing".
Stephen Hulson, English student at Tameside ACE, January 2017.

Congratulations to Adult Learners

More than 60 people who studied at Tameside ACE celebrated their success at the annual learner awards evening at Dukinfield Town Hall on Thursday 24th November 2016.

Learners who passed their English, maths, IT or enterprise courses were presented with awards in the presence of the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Philip Fitzpatrick and the executive member for lifelong learning, Cllr Lynn Travis.

Head of service Jean Quinn said: “Congratulations to all the learners involved for their great achievements. It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all.”


English Learner of the Year Kwesi.
John Symmington Learner of the Year Anthony.
Linda and tutor Julie, bucks fizz on arrival.
Maths Learner of the Year Sandra with tutor Esther.
Volunteer of the Year Edward.
Staff photo.



Tameside Council’s Adult and Community Education held their annual award ceremonies at Dukinfield Town Hall on
Tuesday 17th November and Thursday 26th November 2015.

The success of students who studied with Tameside Adult and Community Education was celebrated at Dukinfield Town Hall on two evenings that focused on the hard work, commitment and perseverance of everyone who achieved qualifications in Maths, English, ESOL, PSD and Employment Skills. Learners were presented with their awards by Cllr. Ged Cooney, Executive Member Learning, Skills and Economic Growth; Cllr. Michael Smith, Lead member, Policy; Cllr. Philip Fitzpatrick; Damien Bourke, Assistant Executive Director, Development, Growth and Investment; and Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive who, in his weekly brief said, “Well done to learners and staff for all the hard work and commitment throughout the last academic year and I wish all the learners the very best for their future”.

Head of Service Jean Quinn said “We’re very proud of all our learners and thank you to all staff who have worked so hard this year to get these results”.

Tameside Council’s Adult and Community Education offers courses for adults aged 19 and over, including people with additional needs, in employment and skills for life including Maths, English, ICT, Confidence Building, Enterprise and Job Searching. For more information or to request a prospectus, please contact Student Services on 0161 342 4063


Cllr. Cooney awarding Lee Davies his Learner of the Year shield with Head of Service Jean Quinn and Manager Janet Symons.
Chief Executive Steven Pleasant with Linda Hurst, Howard Jones, Melissa Chadderton and Sue Barclay.
Cllr. Cooney awarding Shabanna Shabanna her Maths Qualification Certificate
Cllr. Michael Smith awarding Louise Philips her Learner of the Year Award.


2015 Fund Raising Events

At the start of the 2014/15 academic year at ACE@Rydal, Learner Representatives were supported by all staff to hold a number of discussions with learners about fundraising events for during the year. The conclusion was to support 3 charities including Macmillan nurses, Comic relief and Children in Need. After the Nepal disaster, the learners wanted to help Nepal so an extra event was added.

Learners planned coffee mornings, quizzes and café projects to raise money. All tutors and support staff collaborated to engage and motivate learners in developing various skills including their ICT and English skills by creating flyers to be delivered in the local community and their communication and confidence skills, through contacting guests such as their Local MP Jonathan Reynolds and Councillors Jim Fitzpatrick, Phillip Fitzpatrick and Andy Kinsey. They also contacted Park Cakes to ask for their support. Learners also developed their basic cooking skills, by making cakes to sell; their independent travelling and money skills, by visiting Park Cakes; and their catering skills by working front of house and meeting and serving guests.

We would like to thank everyone who attended to support the learners and who donated money for the charities. We would also like to thank Councillor Jim Fitzpatrick Executive Member - First Deputy (Performance and Finance), for presenting Michael Bradbury the winner of the quiz with his prize, and Councillor Phillip Fitzpatrick for presenting Jai Singh with his prize for the best Red nose design.

The grand total raised for the charities was an amazing £524.27


 Jim Fitzpatrick Executive Member - First Deputy (Performance and Finance) with Councillor Andy Kinsey and Learner Michael Bradbury
 A.C.E @ Rydal Learners Linda Nixon and Dianna Bowes waiting to serve guests and customers  MP Jonathan Reynolds with the Catering group


Homeless Shoebox Appeal, organised by Alison Helliwell.

On Thursday 3rd December learners studying Functional Skills English donated shoeboxes to the Shoebox Appeal, a charity which collects boxes that are filled with items for the homeless people of Manchester. Alison Helliwell, English Tutor at Learn@St.Ann’s, set her classes a speaking and listening task on homeless people in Manchester. This task began with a discussion on preconceptions and experiences people had that had influenced their opinions. The class then looked at stimuli, such as newspaper articles and YouTube videos, and discussed different sides to people’s situations. It culminated with the conversation of supporting the shoebox appeal and deciding what items we could put in the box, setting a limit of £1 per item. The class then collected the items and delivered the boxes to our local collection point. The boxes will be distributed on Christmas Eve and are a great way to help improve morale at a difficult time.


 Left to right: Jonathan Williams, Pramod Ramji, Rosemary Unwin, Jodie Bray, Katy Bowker, and Joanne Lawton
 Left to right: Konstantina Panagiotopoulou, Sarah Nuttall, Shelly Wright, Kinga Szymichowski, Punita Solanki
 Left to right: Giang Le, Sharon Lee,
Kwesi Sarpong, Jean Nield,
Karen Catherall, Claire Bradwell,
Allison Johnson



Matrix Accreditation Body Logo

Tameside Adult and Community Education has been awarded the Matrix Standard again this year. This unique quality standard demonstrates that our service offers individuals a high quality of advice and support services. Elements of good practice that were highlighted include:

  • Promotion of Equality and Diversity
  • Service promoted well e.g. marketing activities etc.
  • Good relations with partners – contribute well to course design and format (staff and learners included). Proactive in helping learners overcome barriers
  • All involved were very positive about Student Services
  • Good resources, well managed, accessible etc.


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