Application for Consent to Display Advertisements



Under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 many outdoor advertisements require express consent before they can be lawfully displayed. Applicants should refer to the Regulations for details or contact the local planning office.

Period of Consent

Normally the maximum period for which consent may be granted is 5 years. The Council may not grant consent for a longer period without special approval from the Secretary of State for the Environment. If consent is required for a specific period of less than 5 years this should be stated in reply to question 7.

Drawings Required

The drawing can be in black ink on white paper. It should show the size of the advertisement and its position on the land or the building in question. In the case of a sign it should also give the materials to be used, fixings, colours, height above the ground and, where it would project from the building, the amount of projection. The drawing should include the site location plan which should have sufficient detail to enable the site to be identified.

Owner's Consent

It is a condition of very consent granted by or under the regulations that before the advertisement to which the consent relates is displayed, the permission of the owner of the land or other person entitled to give permission shall be obtained.

Other consents. Consent under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992 does not relieve the applicant from obtaining any other consents which may be necessary, e.g. under the Highways Acts, etc

Note: In Case of Proposals Relating to Illuminated Sign(s)

To assist the Street Lighting Engineer to assess the brightness of the proposed sign(s) it would be helpful if applicants could submit details of the number and type of lamps intended to be used for illumination, together with the thickness and materials of the panel, where appropriate. These details would be best illustrated on a sectional drawing of the sign.

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