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Family Culture Camp 2020

With the Summer holidays upon us and to make up for the restrictions caused by social distancing, we have planned our events and activities very differently this summer!

Instead of encouraging families to come along and get involved at our public spaces, each week there will be a variety of themed online activities for families to do from home.

You can still have the same fun watching family theatre performances, seeing exhibitions and getting involved in activities, but instead of heading out to a gallery, museum or park  you’ll be able to enjoy them remotely.
Throughout the summer we would love to see what you have been creating or getting involved in, please do share with us via social media.

Week 1 - Let’s Get Dippy

Beginning 27th July 2020

A week of amazing arts, craft and activities with a prehistoric theme!

Week 1 Projects
Fossils normally take at least 10,000 years to make, using our brilliant salt dough recipe here ; you can make a fabulous fossil in under an hour.
Learn how to draw all of these brilliant dinosaurs;
Stegosaurs &Ceratosaurus, here.
Diplodocus; here.
Pterodactyls, here.
Make a fantastic 3-d dinosaur, you could take a prehistoric inspired photo in your garden and share it with us via our social media platforms. For this project click here.
Create a brilliant 3-d prehistoric landscape with this amazing project from Portland Basin’s resident artist Jack. For this project click here.
Make some amazing rock faces and turn pebbles into people. For this project click here.

To find all of the amazing prehistoric craft activities go to our Culture Crafts page here

Week2 - Let’s Do Nature

Beginning 3rd August 2020

This week we are getting back to nature. There are crafts and activities for all ages and a brilliant time limited theatre stream from The Fabularium

Week 2 Projects
Plant Paint. Create pictures, cards or even nature bunting with the colours that are locked in plants. For this project click here.

HORSE BOX! Create an amazing animal from a left over cardboard box. These instructions will help make your very own animal costume! For this project click here.

The Memory Game. This fantastic game has been played by generations and can be played inside or out. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want by changing the number of items. For this project click here.
Animated Animals. Make a marvellous moving animal picture. For this project click here.

For all of these awesome nature crafts, go to our Culture Crafts page here
The Hare and the Moon
presented by The Fabularium
Time Limited Stream recorded live especially from Tameside Culture
This show will be available to watch from 10.00am, 5th August 20 until 9.00pm, 19th August 20.

“Join The Fabularium Astronomers as they tell the tale of how Leapa the Arctic Hare saved the realm from a villainous beast; a tale of a furry fearless female, who brought the light back to the day and also made the night sky glow!”
Click here for the time limited stream


Week3 - Let it Grow

Beginning 10th August 2020

Its National Allotments week and we are digging it!

Week 3 Projects
Food from scraps-Yes, you can actually grow food from kitchen scraps! So instead of throwing them away, turn your carrot tops, celery bases and other veg into new plants to eat!  for this project click  here

 Insect puppet-We are very excited to have Wilford with us in his lockdown garden, but we need to rehome some slugs, why not make your very own stick ‘slug and bug’ squad? for this project click  here

 Cartoon storyboard-learn all about the importance of storyboards in films and cartoons and make your own. for this project click  here

Gardener’s Question Time-Did you know the first gardener’s Question Time was broadcast right here in Tameside? Why not make your own ‘Best in show’ rosette to wear for doing or creating something amazing! for this project click  here

Wilford’s Lock-Down Garden
Presented by Pif-Paf Theatre Ltd.
Wilford’s Lockdown Garden- Facebook Live Stream from Pif Paf Theatre.
This show will be live streamed on Pif-Paf Theatre’s Facebook page
Wed 12th August 20 at 10am and 2pm.

LIVE from Wilford’s Lock Down Garden. Join Slug battler and Seed planter Wilford - reluctant star of the SEED show - and his only mate Napoleon the Chicken as they are holed up at a top secret destination trying to get some planting done and battling the Slugs as they try to get over the hedge. 

 Think Peter Rabbit meets Mad Max via Heath Robinson - live streamed especially for the people of Tameside.
If you want to know more about this show click here.

Click here to go to Pif-Paf Theatre’s Facebook page for the live stream.


For all of these brilliant growing crafts, go to our Culture Crafts page here.

Week4 - Let’s Play

Beginning 17th August 2020

This week is all about being playful; there are some brilliant arts and craft projects for you to do at home and some awesome juggling tutorials where you can learn some amazing new skills.

Week 4 Projects
10 ridiculously fun games to play outdoors with hardly any equipment!  For this project click here.

Junk Sculptures.  It’s time to go on a treasure hunt! Well of sorts, you will need to gather all your ‘bits and bobs’ to make one of these ‘junk’ sculptures. Inspired by our art collection this activity focuses on making a sculpture. For this project click here.

Strange Angles. Drawing from unusual angles will take your art to another level. For this project click here and for more examples click here

Old Fashioned Games, this is a great little homemade toy for all ages, it’s great fun seeing all the patterns that emerge when spinning. For this project click here.



For all of these playful crafts, go to our Culture Crafts page here .

Obby’s Juggling Workshops

Presented by Circus Sensible

Obbys’ Juggling Workshops- YouTube Stream
These workshops will go live via our YouTube channel on Wednesday 19th August at 10.00am

With two different workshops, one aimed at 5-8yrs, the other 8-13yrs plus an amazing master class performance from Circus Sensible’ s marvellous Obby. These workshops will inspire and amaze, they are easy to follow and in no time you can learn one of the oldest circus skills from your own home. Don’t worry if you can’t find 3 balls, you could always use balled up socks, that’s right socks.

If you want to know more about this show click here.

Click here to go to our YouTube channel , for these fab workshops from 10.00am, 19th August 2020.

Equipment you will need

  • 5-8 yrs- 3 x juggling scarves or similar, 3 pieces of light floaty material would work. 
  • 8yrs+- 3 x juggling balls or similar. Don’t worry if you can’t find 3 balls, you could always use balled up socks (preferably clean). 

Week5 - Let’s Smile

Beginning 24th August 2020

This week we are looking at ourselves, with crafts and activities for all ages

Week 5 Projects

Nature  Faces - Ditch the pens and paints and get outside to do a bit of portrait art.  For this project click here.

Collage Portrait - This is a fantastic activity to begin a conversation about faces and how we are all different and unique!  For this project click here​.

Portrait Drawing - This short film from our Artist Jack, shows everyone how to create a picture perfect portrait. For this project click here. There is also a step by step guide to help you draw a basic outline of a face here.

Legend of the Black Knight and make a mask you can be a legend in armour, when you make yourself a Knight’s mask. For this project click here.

For all of the projects that will put a smile on your face, go to our Culture Crafts page here.

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