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Arts Award

Tameside Council's Cultural Services, though the Arts and Engagement team are delighted to be a recognised centre for the delivery and accreditation of all aspects of Arts Award Link to External Website.

Arts Award's mission is to support children and young people aged 5 - 25 years old to enjoy the arts, develop creative and leadership skills and achieve a national qualification. Arts Award reflects many different interests and ambitions, respects individual development and helps young people to define their creative futures.

Find our Arts Award Log book page here

Tameside Cultural Services: Arts Award Discover at Home

Discover at Home is a special version of Arts Award Discover, the first level of Arts Award. Arts Award is a set of awards for children and young people aged 25 and under that gets them involved in and excited about arts and culture and celebrates their creative achievements. This unique qualification is managed by Trinity College London College London in association with Arts Council England in England and is normally available across the UK through schools and centres that offer arts activities.

Arts Award Discover at Home is the introductory award, aimed at children aged 11 and under. The award is open to children and young people aged up to 25 years old.

If your child has completed all three parts of Discover at Home, for a small fee you can submit their work to an Arts Award centre to enable your child to receive their certificate. In some cases this may be free. However, you can also just use this pack as a way to structure some creative activities with your child, and use their arts log as a record and celebration of what they have done. Contact your local Arts Council Bridge Organisation, for the North West this is Curious Minds. click here for information on organisations in your area that are supporting Discover at Home where you can request your certificate from.

Tameside Cultural Services supports creativity and with this we want to highlight how, as a family, you can support any young person under the age of 25 to achieve their Arts Award Discover from home. To inspire we have online museum exhibitions, as well as Tameside’s’ Arts Collection being accessible via ‘art UK’ click here for the link.

There is a template below for an Arts Award DISCOVER log but you can record evidence in any way you like. While children are at home, we recommend using online/digital tools as much as possible to log what they have done. This is particularly important if you would like to apply for a certificate.

What do children and young people need to do to achieve Arts Award Discover at Home? 

Part A: Take Part 
Discover the arts and taking part in arts activities

Part B: Find Out 
Researching artists or craftspeople and their work

Part C: Share 
sharing their arts discoveries

These three parts are then recorded in an Arts Award logbook. 

Arts Award Logbook
Record your creative activity in a personal ‘arts log‘. Arts Award log books can be downloaded here. Please be aware that you can use anything to record your activities.

Trinity College and the Arts Award team have worked hard to pull together some amazing arts based resources for you to use and unlock your creativity. Please click here to find out more

Further information about Discover at Home can be found here
to get some creative ideas please visit our culture craft web page and keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook for ideas.  

As you gain confidence and expand your experience and ability, take the opportunity to progress your skills and knowledge to Explore level. Find out more about the Arts Award journey here.

What is Arts Award?

Arts Awards Principles:

  • To offer credible accredited learning which supports individual creative development in any setting
  • To place young people at the heart of the Arts Award process
  • To increase young people’s experience and understanding of arts practitioners and cultural organisations
  • To embrace new art forms and technologies
  • To reach the widest possible range of young people

Arts Award is...

  • a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts from ages 5 - 25
  • offered at five levels, four accredited and one introductory award
  • a framework for learning new skills and sharing them
  • an opportunity to develop creativity and leadership skills
  • a link between young people and creative arts professionals

Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London Link to External Website in association with Arts Council England Link to External Website.

The Arts and Engagement service offer bespoke opportunities for Arts Award participation within the Council’s main Arts and Events Programme and throughout Tameside within both formal and informal settings.

The Arts and Engagement service have a range of qualified Arts Award Advisors who are able to offer the whole spectrum of the award.

Arts Award can be offered to community groups, schools and individuals upon request and subject to funding.

The team are currently developing a bespoke programme for young people with particular needs which can be accessed through schools and the DIY Theatre Company.

Arts Award in Tameside is supported by Curious Minds and Arts Council England Link to External Website.

Find out more about Arts Award on their YouTube Channel.

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