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Diagnosis Referrals

The process of getting an Autism diagnosis in Tameside:

The Autism Diagnosis Team welcomes self-referrals, please download the referral form below and send to the specified address. If you wish to discuss this with your GP please do, but be aware that your referral does not need to come from your GP.
What to expect.
  • During the initial assessment you can attend on your own or with a family member/partner.
  • The initial assessment can be carried out in your own home, or at the clinic. It involves a series of questions which gather information about yourself. Questions will focus on background information e.g. from childhood, school, work and relationships.
  • After the initial assessment the team will decide if you need a full assessment. 

The Autism diagnosis referral form can be downloaded here: Autism Referral Form

Autism diagnostic team contact number -  0161 716 4700

For more information regarding Autism and adult diagnosis see;