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Building Control Charges


New Dwellings, including conversions to form dwellings


Valid from 20th April 2020

Tameside’s Building Control service is responsible for ensuring architects / builders and property owner comply with the Building Regulations, improving health and safety, energy conservation and disabled facilities associated with all types of buildings. The charges for Building Regulation work are required to cover the cost of the service.

Standard Charges

Standard Charges are listed overleaf for new dwellings or conversions to form dwellings:

If the charges are not listed as a standard charge for number of dwellings you are intending to build or create by a conversion, it will be individually determined and you will need to contact us to discuss further.

Also for flat conversions it may be more appropriate to request an individual charge assessment if the scale of the building works to create the conversion is minimal.

 These charges are applicable subject to the following assumptions:

  • The total floor area of individual plots will not exceed 250m2
  • The properties are of traditional construction.
  • There is no complex structural work.
  • The site conditions are not unusual.
  • The builder is competent and familiar with the construction practices and the requirements of building standards.
  • The electrical work will be undertaken by an electrician who is registered under the ‘Part P Competent Person’s Scheme’ and will be able to provide all applicable certification.
  • Maximum 12 months duration of the building work from commencement to completion.

Building Notice applications

 As the project does not benefit from having a checked and approved plan as for full plan applications, there is a greater amount of surveyor’s time to check the proposals Building Regulation compliance and additional site inspections are necessary. Therefore our costs are increased accordingly to cover this extra time incurred for these types of applications.

Individually Determined Charges

If the work you are carrying out are not listed as a standard charge, the charge will be individually determined.

This method of determining the charge mainly relates to larger schemes and includes the following types of building work:

  • Works consisting of the erection or conversion of 20 or more dwellings.
  • Work consisting of the erection of dwellings where the floor area of a dwelling exceeds 250m2.

To request an individual assessment of a charge you should Send a message to Building Control providing a details of the intended work. We will contact you within 48 hours or you can alternatively telephone 0161 342 4460.

Important Note - Supplementary Charges


Electrical Works

The charges assume that all electrical work will be undertaken by an electrician who is registered under the ‘Part P Competent Person’s Scheme’ and will be able to provide all applicable certification

However, should you wish to seek approval from the local authority the relevant charge will increase to reflect our additional costs and you must add the additional electrical charge indicated to the inspection charge or building notice charge payment.

*Please note – if you agree on application submission to use a’ Competent Person Scheme Electrician’ and subsequently fail to do so, an additional application for the electrical works will be necessary, together with the additional relevant supplementary charge payment (refer to charges below)*

We must stress that should your project not conform to these assumptions you will be subject to an additional supplementary charge based on an hourly rate of £66 per hour plus VAT, related to the additional time incurred. Whilst we will always attempt to limit the need for supplementary charges it is difficult to predict these costs.


Payment of Charges

Plan Charge - payable at the time of submitting the application - this charge is for checking the plans and supporting calculations.

Inspection Charge - is payable after the first inspection on site by our Building Control Officers. The applicant will be invoiced for the charge, and it will cover all subsequent inspections; no further charges are payable.

Building Notice Charge - is payable on application submission.

VAT - All Full Plan, Inspection and Building Notice charges are plus VAT at the current rate of 20%. Regularisation applications are VAT exempt (see separate leaflets on Regularisation of illegal works).

Payment by Cheque.

Please include separate cheques if submitting a Planning and Building Regulation at the same time. Cheques to be made payable to ‘Tameside M.B.C’.

Regularisation Charges.

A regularisation application must be accompanied by the appropriate charge, which is calculated at a rate of 150% of the Building Notice charge payable had the works otherwise already been carried out (VAT is not payable).

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