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How to Help Tackle Burglary


Crime levels in Tameside are falling and that's official. Although the risk of becoming a victim of crime in the Borough is at its lowest ever that risk hasn't gone away altogether.

In Tameside we know that most burglars are opportunistic. Different agencies like the Local Police, Tameside Council and the Fire Service are doing all they can to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, but you too have a responsibility to do all that you can to remove that risk.

What do you know about Burglary?

Burglary is often thought of as someone breaking into your property while you are out for long periods like when you're at work or go out in the evening. These are called 'forced entry burglaries'. This is true but there are many more burglaries committed in Tameside when people leave their doors and windows open for short periods like when you're just 'nipping to the shop'. This is commonly known as an insecurity.

Some facts!

  • You live in one of the safest areas in Greater Manchester from 'forced entry' burglary.
  • Burglary has fallen in Tameside by 73% over the last 3 years.
  • In the year 2005/2006 around 33% of all burglaries in Tameside occurred in properties where doors and windows were left insecure.
  • The evidence from the British Crime Survey suggests security devices are very effective in reducing the risk of burglary victimisation.
  • Offenders are mainly white males between the ages of 16 and 25.
  • A small percentage of offences are committed by lone females.
  • A thief can get through any gap larger than a human head.
  • The popular stolen items are cash, jewellery, DVD's and stereo equipment.
  • The incidents of burglars stealing car keys and cars are increasing.

How can you tackle burglary?

You need to be aware of how you can make your property even safer...

Complete this safety checklist now! and be confident that you have reduced the opportunity of becoming a victim of burglary in your home.

  1. I always check that my doors and windows are locked even if I am just nipping to the shop.
  2. I always lock my front door whilst I am out in the garden or shed.
  3. I have fitted deadlocks to all outside doors and the key is not in an obvious place.
  4. I have locks on all my windows.
  5. I have installed a burglary alarm and it's switched on!! when I go out or go to bed.
  6. I have a light timer and will always use it on darker nights so it looks like I am in the house. I always make sure my curtains/blinds are closed so intruders cannot see I am not at home.
  7. No-one can get around the back of my house as I have fitted a secure locking gate and I have locked the shed.
  8. I have not placed my stereo and new television so that it can be seen by people walking past my house.
  9. I never leave my car keys near the front door in full view of someone wanting to break in and then steal my car.
  10. I have used my property marking kit and in the event of the Police recovering the property it can be identified as mine.
  11. My security light is working properly so that it can disturb intruders and put them off working when they can be seen by my neighbours.

The points mentioned earlier are some of the ways you can minimise the risk of being burgled.

The Police and partner agencies like Local Authorities have run and will continue to run many campaigns aimed at reducing burglaries in Tameside. These have been proven to have contributed towards reducing crime in Tameside over the last few years especially in relation to the fear of crime.

However there is only so much these agencies can do on their own and they need you to read and understand the information, and act on it to be able to say...

Together we can make Tameside Safer!

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