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CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Outbreak:

On Sunday 10 May, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation to explain the Government's approach to the next phase of the coronavirus lockdown. The text of his announcement can be read here.

The Prime Minister laid out the Government's initial approach to the lifting of lock-down and how businesses which have been told to close can re-open, and how employees can return to the workplace. There will be a phased approach over the next few months, depending on the rate of infection, and the following of new social distancing guidelines. This strategy has new been published as ‘Our plan to rebuild’ which can be read here.

To support this plan, and to allow businesses to plan how their staff can return to work, 8 sets of guidance for social distancing in specific workplaces have been published online. Some businesses will operate across more than one of these settings, and will need to think about how this guidance affects them: As guidance related to businesses and the next phases of the lifting of lock-down are made available, advice and support for businesses on that, and a range of other topics related to coronavirus, will be updated on the GM Growth Company's website and on the Tameside Council business support page.

We will share more support and guidance on how Tameside Council can support your business and staff with returning to work later in the week.