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Tackling Poverty in Tameside

Poverty is a cross-cutting issue, it encompasses all of life’s experience, and it impacts on the prospects for individuals and on our health as a society. Poverty is not just about unemployment or Government welfare reform, it affects and is affected by a whole range of national and local policy and service areas, including health, housing, employment, transport and education. As such, addressing poverty requires sustained commitment
from the public sector, from business and commerce, from voluntary, community and faith groups and from all our communities.

We know that we face significant social, economic and environmental challenges to reduce poverty, deprivation and inequality and to improve the life chances of residents in Tameside. 1 in 4 of our children lives in poverty, workers in Tameside earn significantly less than their counterparts in the North West and England and 22,820 people (16% of the working age population) claim out of work benefits, the highest proportion of the
population of any local authority in Greater Manchester and the North West.

We recognise that there is a stigma associated with living in poverty, and that this can impact negatively on those with low incomes, Stigmatising people on benefits has become more popular in current media, making society as a whole less sympathetic and understanding and dividing people into the ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ poor. This particularly impacts on the most vulnerable. Surveys have shown that people on benefits sometimes feel like they are failures¹.

The Council has signed up the Greater Manchester Poverty Pledge and is committed to its objectives which include campaigning on issues related to poverty, including highlighting and fighting the stigma associated with poverty, taking action on poverty and being a catalyst for change. As part of this commitment the Council agreed in July 2013 to publish an evidence based Poverty Strategy for Tameside to link the initiatives and strategic objectives set out in a range of key strategies that contribute to preventing
and alleviating poverty. This strategy brings together our plans to tackle poverty in Tameside. We believe that all partners have a contribution to make to tackling poverty and joint working and improved communication can achieve better results for residents.

Tameside Poverty Strategy (1.56MB)

Cllr Lynn Travis
Executive Member Health and Neighbourhoods
June 2014