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Integrated Neighbourhood Services and Policing

The Neighbourhood Policing model is a bottom-up approach to prioritising local issues. PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meetings are now held monthly across the Borough and are used by identified community representatives.

There are four local policing areas in Tameside, which are each headed up by an Inspector and two sergeants. The policing areas are then broken down into wards, aligned with Council wards. Each ward is headed up by a Neighbourhood Beat Officer (NBO), plus there are a number of PCSOs per ward, with further support from Special Constables and partner agencies such as: Tameside Council, New charter, Lifeline, Children’s Services and Adult Services.

Reporting Crime

If you want to report a crime to the Police call 999 in an emergency only. For all other enquiries call 101 You can also report a crime to Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111


TMBC Neighbourhood Services

Neighbourhood Services have adopted a way of working as part of the current Public Service Reform approach to better partnership working. Neighbourhood Services work in partnership with GMP and other agencies to deliver early interventions to vulnerable residents and repeat callers. This approach focuses services where they are most needed and at the same time reduces duplication and demand on public services.

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Areas of work are:
Fly-tipping, low level neighbourhood nuisance/antisocial behaviour, community cohesion, Safe Spaces Reporting Centres, Home Security information packs, assist neighbourhood clean ups, work with schools and community.

For more information and to get into contact with partners please follow the links below:

Greater Manchester Police

Jigsaw Homes

Pennine Care


Department for Work and Pensions

Tameside housing

Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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